Review Policy

I'm happy to receieve review requests but I do not accept every book I am invited to review for I don't have the time, don't need the stress, and prefer to read freely than read to a deadline.

However, if you'd like me to consider your book, please do bring it to my attention!

I promise I don't bite.


Things you should know before you submit a request:

Reviews are my own, unbiased, opinion. 
They will not be amended in any way to suit the requester - or anybody else for that matter.

Ebook copies of review books are preferred. 
I read on Kindle.

I'm a UK based book blogger.
If sending a physical copy of a book, please consider postage costs - which you would be responsible for - before requesting a review.

If I rate the book less than 3 stars
I'm unlikely to post a review - although I might! - but I will mention it in my weekly recap post.

If I DNF a Book
I won't review it but it will be mentioned in my weekly recap post.

Where I share Reviews
Reviews will be posted on my blog, Goodreads and Amazon.

I'll also share links to my review on the blogs social media channels and capture it in my weekly recap post.

Social Media

If I accept a review copy of a book, the book will receive additional promotion on social media.

I'm a big mood reader but what never really changes is that I am a romance junkie.
If it's a romance, or has a strong romantic hook, I might read it regardless of what genre it falls into.

Current Favourites

Urban Fantasy

Preferred Genres

Contemporary Romance
Fantasy Romance
Paranormal Romance
Urban Fantasy
MC Romance
Erotic Romance
New Adult
Young Adult (Paranormal / Fantasy)

No Go Areas

5 Stars - LOVED it.
It's going on the keeper shelf. It will stay with me forever. 
Probably gave me a book hangover.

4 Stars - Really liked it.
I really liked it. I'd re-read it. I'd remember it.

3 Stars - Liked it.
It was enjoyable but it had some issues / didn't leave a lasting impression on me for good or evil.

2 Stars - Meh. 
It wasn't great but it wasn't horrific enough to make me stop.

1 Stars - No.
WTF did I just read?
Likely to be remembered, forever, for all the wrong reasons.

It was hurting my soul.
It contained content that I just couldn't tolerate.

Please drop me an email to request a review.

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