Sunday, 26 September 2021

Weekly (Or Should That Be Monthly...?) Update #142


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Now that's explained, it's on to my weekly recap!

Hello all!
Since I suck at weekly updates - or any kind of blog activity - at the moment, I figured a monthly recap made sense!

So... What's happened in September?
Well, I went back to work after ~8 weeks of medical leave. I'm on a phased return (4 hrs a day) but with things as they are they're taking my return really slowly so as not to set my recovery back and I'm still not on more than 4hrs a day despite being back a month. It's probably for the best as getting showered, dressed and acting like a functional human is more than I can handle some days... And they know that. Plus, those 4 hrs of adulting and having to actually interact and use my noggin' wipes me out and I need a nap. (Oh, how I wish I was exaggerating or joking...)
 My employer is really freaking awesome and supportive and just want me better and back on my game so they are doing all they can to help me get there. I'm super lucky and I know it. 

The kid went back to school and he is now in Y6! Aka, his final year of primary school. 😱
 (Quick and simplified guide to English schools: Reception - Y6 = Primary school. Y7-Y11 = Secondary/high school. Then 2x years of 6th Form College.)
I can't quite believe it... Applications for secondary schools have to be in by the end of October so we've had a few school visits this month trying to work out where's best for him. My part of England still has the oh so controversial grammar schools - schools you need to pass an exam to be eligible for - and to not limit the little dude's options he sat the 11+ exam this month. Honestly though, the 11+ feels redundant for him as our current front-runner is a non-denominational, non-grammar, school... I've mentioned before how intelligent the little dude is - and it's not mummy bragging he's 'gifted' - so I know that on purely academic subjects he'd thrive (so grammar a very good choice) but he needs to continue to develop the social and creative side alongside the 'academic' subjects so the non-grammar feels so much better for him on that front... Ugh, decisions, decisions. Parenting is hard. 😂

We haven't really been anywhere or did anything exciting this month but we did go to the cinema to see Shang-Chi and the Legend of The Ten Rings and we loved it! I had no idea what to expect (hadn't even watched the trailer) but it was fabulous. So much fun.

Oh, we picked up our kitten! That was exciting... He is such a little fluff ball and mad as a hatter - as all kittens are. The other cats have accepted him although the demon cat is still v. freaking grumpy about it! Since she isn't leaving rooms, hissing, or pretending he doesn't exist anymore I'm calling it a win... She just refuses to touch him, sit with him or play with him. Nothing out of the ordinary with her really. My sweet Vessie has accepted him beautifully and the only boundary she has is that he can't cuddle up and sleep with her. He can sleep close, but not touching... This is pretty much the only boundary she has with demon cat too so she's good. 

Oh yeah, and I set up a blog Instagram... And I'm trying to get my shit in order and use it!
I figured I needed to improve my blog socials but sharing new releases and book teasers on my existing Instagram felt out of place... So now I have my Instagram (@msbuzzyb) and a blog Instagram (@sunnybuzzybooks)
My own insta will be whatever I fancy posting (mostly cats, to be honest) and the blog one will be new acquisitions to the TBR, what I'm reading, new releases etc etc... Book stuff. 😊 

It's been a while since I went blog visiting but I'm hoping to play catch up this week. 
I hope you're all good!

I still haven't been reading much but, as per the course this year, I've enjoyed what I've been reading!

These two books couldn't have been more different but I loved them both.
My absolute favourite though was The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood... I think it may be one of my favourites of the year.

Have a great week all!