Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Kiddie's Corner: Grumpy Goes Home For The Holidays, Two If By Sea and Mr Squirrel Finds A Treasure by Susan Marie Chapman

Two If By Sea by Susan Marie Chapman

Grumpy The Iguana and his best friend, the Green Parrot have set sail on their boat, the PARDON ME. They planned to have a relaxing day of friendship and fishing. Instead, everything went terribly wrong and now they are lost at sea without catching any fish.

How will the friends find their way home?

My Thoughts:
This was terrible. I appreciated that the author was trying to highlight the negative impacts humans have on sea life (plastic pollution, boating accidents) but the story was stiff and awkward. It didn't flow, it lacked humour and it was terribly boring and un-engaging. There are so many stories that bring this topic to life for children and that's why I'd give this one a pass.  

Mr Squirrel Finds A Treasure by Susan Marie Chapman

A group of animal friends wake up to find litter in their neighborhood. When Mr. Squirrel finds some plastic lodged under a rock, his friends help him free it so he can take it back to his tree home. How will Grumpy, the Green Parrot, and Mr. Squirrel solve the issue of trash in their park that is toxic to animals and humans?

My Thoughts:
Again... This wasn't good. The message was good - looking after the planet, picking up litter, the impact on animals etc. - but the execution of the story? Nope. Watching paint dry is more entertaining. The constant switching of text size and colour was also a particular source of irritation. 
Can't say I recommend.

Grumpy Goes Home For The Holidays by Susan Marie Chapman

Grumpy has decided that it is time for him to go home for the Holidays to see his mom and dad and his little sister. Mr. Squirrel helps Grumpy choose the perfect gifts for his family. The Green Parrot helps Grumpy to get to the bus station on time. What happens when Grumpy reaches his destination in the Florida Keys? Will his family be surprised to see him? Join us as we follow Grumpy Home for the Holidays.

My Thoughts:
This one was a little better than the other two! It was a bit dry but the story was sweet and more engaging than the other books... The message was lovely in that the holidays are not about gifts or what you can give people but spending time with the people you love. 
If you're reading it to a younger reader (pre-school) it would work but I wouldn't recommend it outwith that age bracket. 

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