Sunday, 11 October 2020

September Wrap up & The Sunday Post! (#127)

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer
It’s a chance to share News. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and share news about what is coming up for the week on our blog.
Now that's explained, it's on to my recap!

Hello, all you lovely people! 
I've been pretty much awol over the past month (or more) and only pre-scheduled bits and bobs have went live on the blog. 
I didn't intend to take a break but the state of the world is getting to me again and, unlike back in March when this shit show kicked off, this time around I've actually been able to go hide in books so that's been nice... But it's blocked out everything else too, like blogging.
Hopefully, I'll find some balance in the coming weeks.

As for life... 

The little dude went back to school at the beginning of September and it's going really well.
With the little dude going back to school, I started going into the office more and now I'm pretty much 60/40 in office/WFH which is also kinda nice. 
That said, he was back in school 8 days (school days) before we had to isolate and get him a covid test because a sore throat/cold was going around the class! It was frustrating as hell as we knew it was not covid - especially after the first kid to go down with it tested negative! - but rules are rules and we aren't going to be one those dick-heads flouting them. 
Getting a testing slot was insanely stressful as testing capacity was rammed (probably because all the kids returned to school and were in the same boat!) but we got one and the result came back the next day and we were able to return to school/work. 

That was pretty much the only noteworthy thing to happen in September. 
Work was flat out brutal - another thing to thank Covid for - to the point I was dreaming about it, waking up throughout the night in a panic, and struggling to get back to sleep etc. and it sucked. 

We did get to go bowling and out to dinner mid-Sept which was really nice. We really like bowling but hadn't been since... Feb? (Before covid ruined everything.)
Surprisingly, I won! Well, one of the games. I never usually win!
 I'm one of those bowlers who bowls consistent spares/strikes OR bowls it consistently into the gutter. There isn't much in between with me, lol, thus the professor - who is consistent - normally beats me.
Beyond that, we haven't been out much but if government restrictions allow we'll do some fun bits during October half-term which a week and a half away.

Covid numbers are shooting up again across the UK but my area isn't that bad... It had been around 3 cases in 100,000 people throughout the summer and is now at around 14 cases in 100,000. That's quite a hike in a few weeks BUT it's all relative really. Other areas of the UK are at 100s of cases per 100,000 so we're still feeling safe going out locally and taking precautions but going to Scotland to visit my mum, for example, is off the menu for some time more. 
Which sucks as I haven't seen her since Christmas.
The professor hasn't seen his mum for over a year now and that is especially hard with everything going on with her, healthwise. She has a date for her mastectomy now and thanks to covid/quarantine rules, the professor can't be there. 
So that's a bit balls too.

Huh... This wasn't supposed to be depressing - just an update - but I guess pretty accurately shows where my heads at, at the moment. 
I guess the good news is that I'm reading again! Properly reading! Yeay!

I hope things are better for you all!!

Okay, there are a lot but it's been 6 weeks! And I didn't spend more than £2 on any single one of them!
They were on sale, freebies or ARCs... But I haven't included those I've grabbed via KU. 

I really need to stop acquiring more books but I can't resist when they're on sale! I figure I'll have saved myself money in the long run because I'll read them someday... Right?!
(Shh! It is not a false economy if I never read them! It's not... I will read them. I will.)

16 books over the last 6 weeks since I last updated... Not bad at all considering I read nothing in the first two weeks of September so it's really 16 books in 4 weeks. 

September's reading total came in at 7 books. 

My favourite was Snowflakes At The Little Christmas Tree Farm by Jaimie Admans.
My least favourite was The Wrong Prince Charming by Holly Renee.

Considering we're less than two weeks into October and I've already read more than 7 books, I have high hopes for October being a bumper month!

I've pretty much thrown every reading challenge I had out the window except my Audiobook Challenge, Backlist Challenge and New Release Challenge and that's only because every single book read counts towards one of them! πŸ˜‰
I can't be bothered sorting each book into each "challenge bucket" today so I'll leave it as is and do a proper update next month... 
Next year, I need to have a serious re-think on the reading challenges, methinks. 


And that's it from me! 
Hopefully, my blogging mojo will return and I'll be posting more regularly again but who knows?
I'm enjoying this "blog when I want and read more" approach to life/blogging so we'll see!
I'll definitely be carving out time to visit more as I miss you guys!


  1. I am sure the isolating was tough, but I am impressed by the safety measures your schools have in place. It's great that you are getting a bit of return to normalcy though. I like bowling, but I am terrible. I thought my father would explode when he bowled with me, because he's like pro level, and I need bumpers. I spy many books I really loved up there. Fingers crossed they are a success for you as well.

  2. We're in lockdown for the considerable future again but me and my dad aren't going out for the most part so it's not greatly affecting us. I'm spending my days cooking, cleaning, attending to squirrels, on the computer and trying to find my reading mojo! Our part of the town is covid free for now but we're still only going to the shops twice a week for milk and bread to try and stay safe. It sounds like your school is playing it safe which is good even if a bit disruptive.

    The new restrictions for the UK due on Monday will be interesting. As soon as the government decided to open the colleges and universities, I told my dad that Freshers Week would be a disaster and infections will rise. Frankly I'd shut them and put a curfew on these younger ones who are spreading it rather than shut businesses who are infection free and following the rules.

  3. That's great that cases are relatively low in your area. Even if they're rising a bit, you're certainly better off that her in Florida. *bangs head against wall* I enjoyed The One for Me. I really like that series by Corinne Michaels. And I picked up Riven Knight this week, too. I'm excited for Isaiah's story.

  4. I hope your break helped. These are weird times we're living in. That's nice you could escape in books this time. Sorry to hear about the covid test and your busy work. Nice haul of new books. And I see you read the latest Annette Marie book too!

  5. I'm glad the test came back negative! I'm sorry to hear though that you guys aren't able to see your mother and his- that is one of the worst things about this pandemic, the way it's affecting our ability to see loved ones. I hope cases stay low where you are, and that you can see your family again soon.

    Be well and stay safe this week!

  6. The cases are exploding in Belgium too Nicci! But it's nice that this time you could take comfort in your reads! And yes with the cold season upon us we caould get tested every week! Stay safe and have a good week nonetheless.

  7. Our cases in my state are staying petty consistent. School is done at home here and with my daughter and grandson living with us now it's been stressful to say the least. My place is really small and with the doctors and nurse coming each week for Ken, my place is packed.

  8. Our numbers are going up again which means i have a feeling things will close again. I haven't been going anyplace and am still the only person that wears a mask at work. I have a feeling the schools are going to close soon. This year is just super crazy,

    I hope you have a wonderful week, Nicci! Happy Reading!

  9. Oh, I bought Into the Crooken Place last year at Comic Con and haven't seen anyone mention it since (also, forgot to read it since)

  10. Our numbers were really low and we were on track to move to a phase 3 reopening and then Labor Day weekend happened and everyone celebrated and we had a spike. It's SO frustrating.

    I'm stuck inside taking care of Princess Side Eye lol after her spay so hopefully I will FINALLY get some reading in and I have two reviews that need to be written.

    I've been reading the same book for 2 weeks. it's good but I can never get motivated. We're having a rainy weekend too and my puppy just got spayed so I'm stuck inside and I'm going to try to finish it and write some reviews.

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

  11. Ugh, but good for you for following the safety rules set in place. It is all rather daunting. I think we are all suffering fatigue from 2020..mentally and physically. Hugs.

  12. Sorry your son had to get tested and isolate! I'm sure that was stressful! Everything seems so stressful lately. Hopefully this week is better!

  13. yes Covid has certainly changed things this year. I'm so glad you are reading again and got some great books. I didn't do as many challenges this year. Just COYER and I track things like audio and library, because I host the Library Love Challenge with Angela but I also wanted to read more books I own.

    Anne - Books of My Heart This is my Sunday Post

  14. Glad to hear the test came back negative, and yay for getting out for a "normal" pre-Covid kind of night of bowling. It's funny, but I am exactly the same kind of bowler! I either do really well or completely suck. Hope work is less hectic for you. I hope your mother-in-law's surgery goes well and you're able to touch bases with her even though it can't be in person.

  15. I'm glad your son tested negative, but that does sound super stressful since you knew it wasn't COVID. That's great he's back in school though and everything is mostly going well. Things are still about the same where I live. The numbers aren't crazy around my immediate area, but it's still about the same in terms of being cautious and not really seeing a lot of people or staying inside somewhere for too long.


  16. This has certainly been an odd year. My moods have been up and down since this began. I'm trying to find a balance between reading and blogging too. I hope you have a great week!

  17. Your numbers look good! We are not doing so well in the US, especially certain parts. Where I live, it is pretty good, as I am in a residence that has been strictly locked down since March.

    I am glad I love reading and viewing...that helps! Stay safe and enjoy your week, and thanks for visiting my blog.

  18. Looks like it's pretty much the same everywhere for parents. My son is back in school 50% of the time and the rest online and my daughter who is in university is online fulltime. I love getting free and on-sale books too. I figure I'll read them someday too! I loved The Switch. Can't wait to see what she comes up with next.

  19. I've been hiding out a bit as well and thankfully have read some amazing books because of it but yeah, blogging not so much my thing lately but I've been trying to post a little bit more. We will see how long that lasts LOL! Hang in there!!

  20. I love your Christmas/Halloween meme! So funny and I agree completely!! It's too early for Christmas!

    Gosh, you've made up with your back log reading. Well done! And no, I don't think your new books are a lot. Books are NEVER too much. There's always place for a few more.

    Thanks for visiting my blog earlier, hope you will have a wonderful week!

  21. I'm glad your son's covid test was negative!

    I took an unexpected blogging break for four years! I burned myself out by forcing myself to blog when I didn't really feel like it. My unasked-for advice is to just do what you feel like doing. If that means exclusively reading for a while, so be it.

    I haven't been able to visit my parents or in-laws for a long time either and don't know when that will change. I can't imagine the stress of a health scare and not being able to visit though. I hope your mother-in-law's surgery goes well.

    Enjoy your week!

  22. Yay for being able to escape into books. I miss it when my brain starts bouncing off -- like, come on, this is my main comfort! Let me read! Heh.

  23. As a teacher, I greatly appreciate parents who follow the rules even when knowing it is most likely not covid. We still have parents sending their kids to school with coughs, runny noses, etc. I absolutely can not catch this and bring it home to Eleanor and it worries me greatly. Cases are spiking in our city and county and that's another big hurdle to get over because right now we are still teaching in-person. Students are on the 3:2 model, but even so, we are the second largest elementary school in the district and half is still a lot of kids bringing in a lot of germs. Stay well, friend!


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