Wednesday, 3 June 2020

May In Review & June Blog Break!

Hi all!
Well, for me, May was another month of doing a whole load of nothing!
Lockdown technically ended but with very little re-opening, and schools being closed, and working from home, nothing felt any different.

I thought lockdown would be great for reading, catching up on movies, tv shows and lots of time with my family doing fun things but in reality, the past 9 (10?) weeks have been one struggle after another and some days my crowning achievement is just showering, surviving work and "school" and not losing my shit with people before dinner time. 

It doesn't look like June will be much different for me  - and the world is descending into one of the seven circles of hell - so I've decided to hit pause on the blog for a month. 
In June, the only posts I'll be uploading are the weekly Sunday Posts and any pre-booked commitments. 
I'm hoping by taking a month "off" I'll be able to catch up on comments, get back into a rhythm for visiting your blogs and - hopefully - get some posts scheduled so that I feel on top of things again. 
(Not to mention, getting some more reading done so I have things to post about!)

So, I'll be around, just not posting except on Sundays. 😊

Before I disappear, I'm going to recap May's reading and update my challenge progress!

In May, I read 14 books!
Which sounds great until you consider that six of them were children's books, and one a novella, lol.
What can I say, I struggled last month because my reading was so slow.

My favourite book of the month was The Little Bookshop of Love Stories by Jaimie Admans.
My least favourite read was Through The Looking Glass: And What Alice Found There by Lewis Carroll.

I'm pretty happy with the progress I'm making towards this year's reading challenges but my audiobook challenge is taking a massive hit due to working from home... I usually listen while commuting. 😔

Audiobook Challenge is at 5/20


This feels like an achievement as I still don't have a commute to listen to audiobooks and that's pretty much the only time I used to listen... I listened to this one while cooking so maybe that'll be my thing now.

New Release Challenge is at 27/30 

Eight this month! Six were kids books but who cares? 😉

Beat The Backlist is at 32/80 

Six backlist!

Retellings Challenge 1/10

Still no progress here...

Bookish Resolution - Shut Up & Read It 2/16 

Yeah, no progress on this one either.

Bookish Resolution - Nuke Netgalley (pt.1) 0/16

Still haven't got to any of those super old NetGalley books.

Bookish Resolution - Nuke Netgalley (pt.2) 3/21

Nothing cleared off this batch of review reads either... But so many added.
*hangs head in shame*

Bookish Resolution - Read The Series 1/12

I'm thinking 12 series was a bit ambitious... Or maybe naming the series was the ambitious part for I've read two series that aren't on my targeted list in the past 6 weeks... Meh.

Bookish Discussion Challenge 2/10


I posted 16 blog posts in May.

I think my favourite was The Ultimate Book Tag post.


That's it from me. How was your month?


  1. Try to enjoy your time away from the blog.

  2. Fourteen books is great... kid books or not. :) They all count, right? My audiobook listening has definitely slowed, too. No commute equals much less listening time. Now I listen while I’m getting ready in the mornings but that’s no more than 20-30 minutes a day. Enjoy your blog break! I hope you manage to do some catching up and some reading. And in the meantime I’ll be looking forward to your Sunday Posts each week, :)

  3. Killing the new release challenge, and a book is a book. I hope you are able to have some fun during your blog break, though I am glad you will be checking in with us on Sundays. The way things are going, I worry when I don't see posts from people.

  4. I read 15 which was AMAZING for me lately.

    But the world is so awful that reading comes and goes.

    I hope your time off is good and that we're all still here at the end of the month. Only half joking lol

    Karen @ For What' It's Worth

  5. Hey, any book counts!! I hope you have a great, fun reading month for June though. And enjoy your time away from the blog. I think my anxiety is slowly creeping up and I need to definitely take myself offline more often, but I'm going to still be around. I really need to get back to blogging ahead.


  6. It's been hard to focus on much during the lockdown-I expected to read lots, watch dvd boxsets and films etc but it just hasn't been happening that way which is frustrating. Blog breaks are always a good thing from time to time so I hope you find it works for you!

  7. It's good you are still posting. We all need a few things normal in our lives. I know things will get better.

  8. Everything is opening back up here in Vegas. The casinos are open, the restaurants are open. Pretty much everything is open now here. I hope you have a nice break.

  9. Enjoy your blog break! Definitely necessary from time to time, and you'll have new energy whenever you decide to return more often. I have hardly done any blogging lately with everything going on here and focusing on the protests and rallies; it all made blogging seem so trivial. But now I am trying to find a balance between being in activist mode and blogger mode, though obviously we know which one is more important right now. Enjoy your break!


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