Saturday, 9 May 2020

Month In Review: April!

Ah, April... The one that will be remembered as The Month In The House.
The month of total lockdown.
The month of not going into offices, schools, shops, visiting family - nothing.
The month of nothing.

Or, it could be forever known as the month of binging watching Disney Plus, of Joe Wicks PE, of baking and staying safe.
Yeah, I like the second option better. It's much less depressing.
Plus, lots of reading was done!

In April, I read 16 books!
Four of them were kid's books but since I spent the beginning of the month in a Coronavirus induced slump, I'm happy dancing right now!

My favourite book of the month is super hard to choose but I'd say probably How To Dance An Undead Waltz.
My least favourite read was one of the kid's books - Pups On The Run.

I'm pretty happy with the progress I'm making towards this year's reading challenges but my audiobook challenge took a massive hit due to working from home... I usually listen while commuting. 😔

Audiobook Challenge is at 4/20

I was doing so well but no commute means no listening time!
I'll need to find another way to listen this month as I'm unlikely to be commuting (at least commuting regularly) until June at the earliest. 

New Release Challenge is at 15/30 

An increase of 7 this month! Needless to say, I'm beasting this challenge this year.

Beat The Backlist is at 27/80 

Nine more books off the backlist last month! I'm happy with that.

Retellings Challenge 1/10

No retellings this month once again!
I'll focus on this one later when the mood strikes.

Bookish Resolution - Shut Up & Read It 2/16 

I read Pucked by Helena Hunting last month so another one off the list but much more needing to be read!

Bookish Resolution - Nuke Netgalley (pt.1) 0/16

Still haven't got to any of those super old NetGalley books.

Bookish Resolution - Nuke Netgalley (pt.2) 3/21

Nothing cleared off this batch of review reads either... But so many added.
*hangs head in shame*

Bookish Resolution - Read The Series 1/12

I'm thinking 12 series was a bit ambitious... Or maybe naming the series was the ambitious part for I've read two series that aren't on my targeted list in the past 6 weeks... Meh.

Bookish Discussion Challenge 2/10

One more discussion posted!

This is my most relaxed challenge as I just wanted to start posting the odd discussion on the blog so anything between 1-10 made me happy and now I have two so, yeay!

I posted 17 blog posts in April.
I think my favourite was the Book Titles That Would Make Good Band Names post.


That's it from me. How was your April?


  1. 16 books is pretty good going considering the situation! I didn't get close to that! Your challenges have some good progress too, well done!

    1. Thanks Chuckles! I'm trying to just keep pecking away at them.

  2. I have to know what would make Pups on the Run your least favorite book. I was really surprised to see one of the kid's books make bottom of the heap there. I am the opposite of you. I stopped doing the new release challenge, because I read so many. I am proud of the number of backlist, shelf, and library books I have been reading though. I have no motivation to read those old NG books. It's usually a case of me avoiding the books, because the early reviews were poor, and I didn't want to read them (I'm being honest). I am interesting in seeing how that challenge works out for you.

    1. Lol, it isn't a specific vendetta against Pups On The Run or anything it was just my lowest rated book. :)

  3. LOL I see a theme in your reading.. undead?! Love it! Happy May! Stay safe!

    1. April was the month of Necromancers! (Or the series anyway.)
      I do love urban fantasy.

  4. You're so right - we can look as April in 2 ways and one doesn't sound quite as bad.

    My reading has slowed way down, in part because of the lost commute too. I listen to audiobooks while I walk/jog. That's it for me, otherwise I can't do audio really anymore. I hope you find a way! Have a great week 😊

    1. I've now started listening a little while cooking... It's slower than while commuting but better than nothing! I may actually finish an audiobook for May at this rate!

  5. Great job on your April reading. I didn't read tons, but it was better than March at least!


    1. Better than March is a definite improvement! Any reading at the moment feels like a win.

  6. Sixteen books is amazing! My audiobook listening has taken a hit, too. I still listen while I;m getting ready in the morning but with no daily commute there went a big chunk of my listening time.

    1. It kinda sucks. I never thought I'd miss the commute and I guess I don't but I definitely miss the audiobook/me time it provided.