Saturday, 28 March 2020

Preparing For RARE #2 - Postponement!!

Postponed! Postponed for over a year! 😭
The new dates are in July 2021.

I mean, I expected it to happen given the current situation around the world, and I was actually quite worried they'd be stubborn and try and make it happen anyway (leading to a thinned out crowd of authors etc) but it still sucks.

Covid-19 and all it's knock on implications suck.
It all sucks. Everything... sucks.
And now that I've had my mini hissy fit, I'm good. 

My ticket has switched over to next year so I'm still getting to go to my first bookish signing/conference/event. 
It's still in Edinburgh, so I can still stay at my mum's and don't need to incur any extra expenses to attend the event. 

The author line-up may change but, to be honest, that doesn't really matter as the line-up kept changing anyway. Some authors may not be able to make it but other authors who had to drop out may be able to re-confirm. Authors who didn't sign up for 2020 but who'd expressed interest in London 2021 may be able to attend this event instead (London isn't happening now). 

It'll all work out just fine and the important thing is that as many of us as is possible stay safe and kick this virus in the ass so we can get things back to normal... Or whatever new normal becomes normal.

It also gives me time to read more of the attending authors! 
Yes, I know the line-up will be a constantly shifting entity but some authors have already re-iterated their commitment to attend in 2021 so I'll start with those. 
Especially those who are on KU. 
My KU has been sitting neglected for a while so it's time to get my money's worth out of it once again!

Hope you're all well, staying inside when possible and washing your hands! 😉
For what it's worth, I don't think the skin on my hands will never recover from this...


  1. I know how excited you were about this event. Sorry it won't be happening, but I like that you were able to find a silver lining as you "catch up" on all the RARE books.

  2. Oh bummer. It seems like everything is getting canceled, but it makes sense. Safety first!

  3. As you say, it gives you more time to try all the potential authors so that is a silver lining for the cloud. It's weird how so many things we take for granted have changed-even ordering books on Amazon is meaning a wait of two months for them to be delivered.

  4. That does suck! It's good everything easily transferred to next year, though. 👍✨