Monday, 2 March 2020

February: Month in Review

After the miserable month that was January, I was really hoping that February would be better... And it was. But just because it was better doesn't mean it was good.
February was blah. All very blah, and honestly? I don't remember much of it and I'm once again glad it's over!

I'm looking forward to March though.
Even though March tends to be the evilest of evils at work, it'll all soon be over and calm again!
March is also the month of the little dude's birthday so that'll be nice.
Not to mention all the bookish goodies that I plan on reading.

In February, I read 12 books but 3 of them were kid's picture books so not as good a reading month as I'd hoped for but still not too shabby!

My favourite book of the month was Blood Bound by Patricia Briggs but I had quite a few good reads this month so that's always a good thing... Dark Tempest by Annette Marie was a close second for favourite read and I'll be finishing that series on audio in March for sure.

I have various reading challenges this year and, once again, I'm happy with the progress I made towards them.

Audiobook Challenge is at 3/20

I only finished one audio in Feb but I've only got an hour left to my second so I'm not concerned about falling behind in this challenge. Plus, it's only Feb!

New Release Challenge is at 8/30

In Feb, I read 5 new releases!

Beat The Backlist is at 12/80

Seven books added to the backlist challenge in Feb! Happy with that.

Retellings Challenge 1/10

People may argue with this one but The Duchess Deal has serious Beauty and The Beast vibes for me so in my head it's a re-telling.

Bookish Resolution - Shut Up & Read It 1/16

Nothing new from this list!

Bookish Resolution - Nuke Netgalley (pt.1) 0/16

Nothing from this list either!

Bookish Resolution - Nuke Netgalley (pt.2) 2/21

Another one removed from the review backlist!

Bookish Resolution - Read The Series 1/12

I completed Crown of Shards!

I also read another Mercy Thompson so made progress with that series too...

Bookish Discussion Challenge 1/10

I posted my first discussion post on reasons to love UF!

Quite a few movies watched this month!

Pokemon: Detective Pikachu
Percy Jackson and The Lightning Theif
The Hunchback of Notre Dame
To All The Boys I Loved Before: PS I Still Love You

At the cinema, I saw the new Emma adaptation.


As for TV, I've been watching Star Trek: Picard, Mindhunter, and You (season 2).

I posted 18 blog posts in February.

One of them as a bookish discussion on reasons to love UF and I also shared some details of our visit to Salisbury Cathedral's Sarum Lights exhibition.

I also took part in some of the weekly memes and posted some reviews!


That's it from me. How was your February?


  1. Well, hey, at least things are looking up since the beginning of the year. My life is blah, but I'd rather blah than drama-filled, you know? How fun to plan for little man's birthday. Celebrations are always nice. You are reading a lot of backlist - good for you!

  2. Looks like you had a great blogging month, and I think you read a lot of books!! Sorry February was a bit blah. I hope March is better, and that work isn't too stressful.


  3. I hope the little dude has a great birthday! Happy March!

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  4. I can't wait to see the new Emma! She looks so feisty! You've read some great books this past month for sure!!

  5. A better month indeed! Happy March!

  6. February is dead to me lol I want the most blah of blah months for March.

    I'm glad your month was a little better even if it wasn't great. You've had a rough time of it too.

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

  7. February flew by! It feel like I blinked and then it was March! Congrats on your first discussion post! I still need to tackle one. Yay for Blood Bound being your fav read for February! I hope you love the coming books, too.

  8. You're making good progress on series catchups, something I'm lagging behind on! The new release and backlist challenges are on schedule too which is great!