Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Ten Signs That You're A Book Lover

You always have a book on you. 
It doesn't matter whether it's a physical book, an ereader, or a reading/audiobook app on your phone, you are never without the ability to consume a story. 

You collect bookish things (and in some cases have no idea what to do with them!)

You say things like, "it's not as good as the book," when watching tv/movie adaptations and you're not even sorry. 

You already own more books than you can read in a year (or, you know, ten) but you still pile more on because you'll get to them eventually.

Libraries and bookstores are your happy places (and leaving without a new book is just rude.)

You'd rather read than talk to people or go out and do stuff that involves interacting with people.

You know that anything can be used as a bookmark.

You really want to read a book but you keep putting it off because of the anticipation/expectation/fear etc. If you don't read it, it can't disappoint you! But if you don't read it you'll never know how awesome it can be! Argh, the dilemma! 

You understand that reading is not "doing nothing."
And you won't judge your fellow book lover for nutting the one stupid enough to suggest it is...

You'll never understand the person that doesn't like books...


What have I missed?

Monday, 30 March 2020

Review: Hunting Fiends For The Ill-Equipped by Annette Marie

*Some spoilers for other books in both Guild Codex series ahead!*
 Sorry, they're getting unavoidable.

I thought I understood power.

My parents taught me that magic attracts equal danger, and everything I've seen since becoming a demon contractor confirms it. I've witnessed how power twists and corrupts--and I've tasted power no human should wield.

I thought I knew greed.

Ambition and avarice drove my family into hiding. My parents died for someone else's greed. I've never hunted anything in my life, but now I'm hunting their killer--with my demon's help.

I thought I'd seen evil.

But with each step closer to my parents' murderer, I'm uncovering a different sort of evil, piece by hidden piece. I've stumbled into an insidious web that silently, secretly ensnares everything it touches. My demon and I came as the hunters...

...but I think we might be the prey.

*eARC provided by author*


First-person, single pov.

You need to have read the previous books in the Guild Codex: Demonized series as a minimum and if you ever plan on reading the Guild Codex: Spellbound series, you should read it first as there are major spoilers here for GC Spellbound #4 (Demon Magic & A Martini) onwards!

No, but the wait for the epic conclusion to this series just might kill you anyway!

Not in this book!

Yes! Magical battles galore!

OMG! This book just about killed me! It was perfect!
Packed full of Robin and Zylas goodness and I am shook, people. Shook!
There was so much packed into the story... I don't even know how to begin to convey how much I loved this instalment.
It had everything I wanted and some stuff I barely dared to hope for!

The first third of Hunting Fiends overlaps with events in Druid Vices and A Vodka (GC: Spellbound series).
You get to see key moments from Robin and Zylas's pov and it brings a whole other dimension to what's been going on in the world.

Robin and Zylas's relationship evolves in a major way and my little shipper heart almost exploded from happiness! We finally get to peel back layers of guardedness and mistrust and find their soft squishy centres. The relationship these two are building is amazing and it's made even more special with a huge reveal about why it's forbidden to summon 12th house demons!
(I'm betting the why they can do what they do is also very interesting but I guess we have one more book to wait and see if I'm right on my suspicion relating to Robin's ancestor!)

Honestly, there was just so much in this book, I don't even know how to talk about it...
There are lots of revelations about the Athana's sorcerers, Amalia is actually useful and we get to see more of Kit and Leiana (from an upcoming spin-off series).
Things reach a boiling point with Claude (aka Mr Evil Bastard) and I fear for Zylas in the next book due to something he did to protect Robin...
Most important of all there's lots and lots of Ezra!! And not just Ezra, Eterran!!
Yep, that's right folks! Ezra and his demon are out the closet to Robin and her demon and they actually work together! It was amazing! I loved seeing Ezra separate from Tori, Kai and Aaron. He's still our beautiful sweet Ezra but he has a harder edge in this book driven I assume from desperation as I have no idea how much longer he and Eterran can hold on...

The end is in sight!
It's foot fully down on the throttle now and I'm both terrified for and super hopeful that all our lovelies will make it through this together and in one piece!
That may be misplaced optimism but I NEED to believe it.
There's going to be hard-decisions and sacrifice to come but I have faith that Annette Marie will bring it home in a way that doesn't shatter our souls...

Honestly, if you've spent more than five minutes on this blog, you'll know how much I love the Guild Codex series so it's almost pointless to say I really recommend it but I REALLY RECOMMEND IT!

The attention to detail in Annette Maries covers is insane!
I adore them!


My thoughts on Book One - Taming Demons...
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Sunday, 29 March 2020

Weekly Update #105

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer
It’s a chance to share News. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and share news about what is coming up for the week on our blog.

Now that's explained, it's on to my weekly recap!

Oh, the shifting sand we currently stand upon... This week has been another interesting one!
I went into the office on Monday to take care of a few things in anticipation of a lockdown and what do you know? Lockdown was ordered by the government on Monday night!

The professor was/is on the critical worker list but even he has been told to stay home for the next three weeks before having to go back into work (while I continue to stay home with the kid until schools reopen etc). 

So, we're all at home together and only allowed to go outside the property line once a day for a walk/run and one of us is allowed to go to the grocery store once a week. 

We all survived the first week of working from home and home educating the kid so I'm classing it as a success even though I only put on outdoor clothes once this week. 

I thought being home a lot would mean extra time to read, blog, watch tv and stuff but it turns out my brain cannot latch onto anything and I'm struggling to do any of those things!
By the end of the week though, I'd managed to settle a little bit. 
Getting started is difficult but once I'm actually doing the thing (whatever thing), it gets easier.

On a side note, my poor hands! They're so cracked and dry and it sucks!
"Skin-friendly" soap is not skin-friendly for this level of washing people! When we get back to "normal" levels of handwashing, I still don't think my hands will recover... Not to mention, I bloody burned the back of one hand getting food out of the oven the other day so that doesn't help. 
(I have aloe, cream and lots of good stuff, don't worry.)

The mother-in-law had her surgery last week and is home and doing well. She has to self-isolate for 14 days as the surgery has made her vulnerable but since Ireland is in lockdown too, that's not too different from what she'd have to do anyway.

Hope you're all okay!




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You Deserve Each Other 

A Damsel and A Demigod 

Hunting Fiends For the Ill-Equipped

Disney Plus finally released in the UK!
This week, I took the little dude on a nostalgia trip with Sister Act and The Mighty Ducks.
The professor and I then watched Solo.

We also finished S1 of Picard and it rocked!

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(Funny seeing as our Prime Minister and Health Minister both tested positive to C-19...)

Have a great week all!

Saturday, 28 March 2020

Preparing For RARE #2 - Postponement!!

Postponed! Postponed for over a year! 😭
The new dates are in July 2021.

I mean, I expected it to happen given the current situation around the world, and I was actually quite worried they'd be stubborn and try and make it happen anyway (leading to a thinned out crowd of authors etc) but it still sucks.

Covid-19 and all it's knock on implications suck.
It all sucks. Everything... sucks.
And now that I've had my mini hissy fit, I'm good. 

My ticket has switched over to next year so I'm still getting to go to my first bookish signing/conference/event. 
It's still in Edinburgh, so I can still stay at my mum's and don't need to incur any extra expenses to attend the event. 

The author line-up may change but, to be honest, that doesn't really matter as the line-up kept changing anyway. Some authors may not be able to make it but other authors who had to drop out may be able to re-confirm. Authors who didn't sign up for 2020 but who'd expressed interest in London 2021 may be able to attend this event instead (London isn't happening now). 

It'll all work out just fine and the important thing is that as many of us as is possible stay safe and kick this virus in the ass so we can get things back to normal... Or whatever new normal becomes normal.

It also gives me time to read more of the attending authors! 
Yes, I know the line-up will be a constantly shifting entity but some authors have already re-iterated their commitment to attend in 2021 so I'll start with those. 
Especially those who are on KU. 
My KU has been sitting neglected for a while so it's time to get my money's worth out of it once again!

Hope you're all well, staying inside when possible and washing your hands! 😉
For what it's worth, I don't think the skin on my hands will never recover from this...