Sunday, 23 February 2020

Weekly Update #100

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer
It’s a chance to share News. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and share news about what is coming up for the week on our blog.

Now that's explained, it's on to my weekly recap!

Hey hey! It's my 100th Sunday Post! πŸ˜€
I feel like I should have marked the occasion somehow but, alas, I've got nothing.

This week, I've been baking again.
I made cinnamon rolls! From scratch! And they were amazing!
(If I do say so myself. Other people did too so I'm not completely narcissistic, lol.)
I used this recipe but used a different cream cheese frosting as I already make my own version of that.
I also made Banana Bread using my own recipe... Honestly, I've been baking this one for so long I don't remember how I learned it and I'm at a point I don't even measure ingredients, I just toss them in and it always comes out nice. 
The baking is therapeutic, then eating it is a pleasure... The long term consequences (hello pinchy jeans!) won't be so awesome but oh well. 

What else happened this week... It was half term so the little dude was away for a few days which meant after work the professor and I had a couple of evenings to ourselves which was nice. Then the little dude came home, we had a couple days off work and mostly chilled around the house building stuff like this awesome robotic hedgehog. 

(This is the hedgehog turned off. When on, its eyes glow and it looks like it's possessed.)

We went to the SeaCity Museum in Southampton on one of the days and were enjoying the Titanic exhibition (lots of Southampton folks died on the Titanic as 3/4 of the crew lived/was from there) but we had to leave only having been there for about 30minutes as the little dude started feeling really unwell. We got him home and spent the day on the sofa watching lots of movies and although he's still not 100% we were able to go see the Sarum Lights spectacular at Salisbury Cathedral on Friday.

The Sarum Lights show kick-started the city's 800th-anniversary celebrations. It only took us about an hour to go through the entire exhibition and part of that was spent queueing. 
I'm going to share more about that tomorrow but here's an example of what it was like.

(The inside of the cathedral projected on the outside, the cathedral looking like a haunted house from the outside... And part of the show that was projected onto the west wall.)

After my 19 book binge of last week, only one was added to the TBR this week.

People speak so highly of this book so how could I pass up the offer to grab it while it was free?!

(Both books)

Finished the Crown of Shards series!
And, I'm confused.
The ending of Crush the King felt like it wrapped up this story arc but so many threads were left hanging I wouldn't be surprised if there is a subsequent trilogy/series extension... In fact, I'm going to be super annoyed if there isn't.

I got some visiting done this week but not as much as I wanted so no posts to share! 😟
If I missed you this week, I'll be around this week.

Mindhunter S2 has been the TV focus of this week but I didn't get it finished.

With the little dude off school, we watched quite a few movies but all of them were re-watches of things like Detective Pikachu, Percy Jackson etc.

I have no idea why I like this song so much.
It's not my usual type of music at all but it gives me a weird retro almost 80's vibe but at the same time, it feels almost futuristic... It also feels like a movie theme song or something, familiar but not.
I dunno... It makes no sense but I'm liking it.


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Have a great week all!


  1. Homemade cinnamon rolls! Yes please. Although I always scrape off the cream cheese icing because it's too sweet for me. (I'm not a sweets fan so most things seem too sweet to me. Ha!) But all that doughy, cinnamony goodness? Oh yes. I'm so impressed that you don't even have to measure! I get all the feels every time I see Long Shot. That book was soul destroying but also completely amazing. Ryan did a phenomenal job. I haven't heard that Dua Lipa song before but I'm liking it.

    1. I wish I didn't have a sweet tooth... I'm so terrible for sweets!

  2. Ooh those lights look so amazing! I look forward to seeing more of your photos! I'm not one for baking as I was never taught and it feels too much like hard work to learn. I am getting good at Chuckles home made soups and buying in dried veg to use in these recipes. Takes up less room than tinned veg!

    1. My granny taught me when I was super young and I never stopped baking as I got older. I think she'd be proud of what I can do now if she was still here. :)

      I've never thought to use dried veg in soup. Lentils, frozen veg etc I've used but never dried veg. I like that idea!

  3. I was excited to see Long Shot for free. I tweeted about it. I want you all to cry the same tears I did. I love home baked goods. I hate to cook/bake, and miss the kid doing all that stuff for me. You guys do some interesting stuff. I love looking at old buildings, though we don't have any here as old as you do over in Europe.

    1. I think it was either your tweet or Tanya's that had me 1-clicking! I'm nervous about reading it but I will. :)

  4. Seacity museum sounds like a lot of fun. My fav museums are art museums. Can't wait to go to at least one this year.

    1. I'm not really a huge fan of art museums but I don't discount them :)

  5. That little hedgehog is so cute. Looks possessed, eh? I love that. lol
    Baking is fun and when it comes out good, it's great. I made a spice cake this week because Ken had a sweet tooth.

    1. It's eyes glow different colours to represent it's moods... It's creepy! lol

      I always have a sweet tooth... So does everyone in my house so I end up buying/baking something regular but at the moment I'm mostly baking as it also calms me. :)

  6. Love the hedgehog and Long SHOT is SO ANGSTY but I loved it lol It's super intense though.

    Look at you go baking girl! I've been baking a lot out here too. I don't consider myself a good baker but Kevin's coworkers seem to love what he brings in and are always putting in requests now lol

    Karen @ For What It's worth

    1. I'm hearing that a lot about Long Shot... I'll need to brace myself before reading it, I think!

      Baking is good for the soul! And I speak from experience in that they wouldn't be asking for more if they didn't like it so you must be a good baker! :)

  7. Ooh congrats on your 100th SP! And banana bread- yum lol. Love that stuff. :)

    I like the look of the Estep books- they look fun!

    Cool video!

    1. The banana bread rocked. I may bake more of it this weekend as I have bananas that are starting to brown again... They make the best banana bread. :)

  8. This blog post has everything!! Baked treats, robotic hedgehogs, your 100th Sunday Post, plus all the usual books and stuff! Seriously though, I really want some of your banana bread right now... and that hedgehog is the best!

    1. The hedgehog is super weird, lol. But it's growing on me.

  9. Sounds like you had a relatively nice week, some nights with and without the kiddo. :) I hope he's feeling better though!!

    I still need to watch Mindhunter S2. I keep forgetting its been released. LOL I haven't listened to "physical" yet but I LOVE Dua Lipa in general.