Monday, 10 February 2020

Kiddie's Corner #6: A Little Courage, Scaredy Monsters and The Rock Mammoth

A Little Courage by Taltal Levi

Rating: ⭐⭐ 1/2

Release Date:  4th March 2020

Through the eyes of a child, the world is full of adventure!

A teacup-sized little girl discovers a playground in a potted plant, and the perfect swimming pool in a glass of water. Then when she sees a mysterious shadow lurking beyond her books and paper clips, she must summon her courage. But wait! Could this fluffy, purring creature be a friend?

Taltal Levi’s evocative text and illustrations tell an inventive story about courage, imagination, and friendship. 

My Thoughts: 
There wasn't really a story here. You had 20 or so pages of 'story', some with a single word others with no words, and scratchy drawings with muted colours of a tiny girl going about her business in the house with no rhyme or reason. There was no 'courage' to speak of unless the act of charging the cat shadow with a pin is courage? I've come to expect some kind of moral or lesson to be weaved in a fun way through a kid's book and there was nothing to behold here. It was just a book about nothing that utterly failed to connect. Not one I'd recommend, I'm afraid!

Scaredy Monster by Meika Hashimoto 

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Release Date:  24th March 2020

Scaredy Monster has a BIG secret. He's not scary like many monsters—he’s a scaredy monster! From Epic! Originals, Scaredy Monster is an illustrated early reader series about conquering fears and trying new things!

Join Scaredy Monster as he overcomes his fears of losing a tooth, riding a bike, and going to his first sleepover. With some help from Mommy Monster, Scaredy discovers he’s much braver than he thought—and he finds ways to feel safe and happy while doing scary things!

My Thoughts: 
This book has 3 different stories: Scaredy Monster Loses a Tooth, Scaredy Monster Rides a Bike, and Scaredy Monster and The Slumber Party.

The illustrations were fun, brightly coloured and fit the stories beautifully. The language was not too complicated, the stories not to basic, they were charming, held attention, and each had a moral to impart.

Scaredy Monster Loses a Tooth teaches that losing a tooth as a child is normal and nothing to be frightened of as it'll grow back.
Scaredy Monster Rides a Bike is a lesson in learning to walk before you can run, the transition between riding a trike and riding a bike, about falling and getting back up again.
Scaredy Monster and The Slumber Party teaches it's okay to be scared and to ask for help.

I highly recommend this one for kiddies probably up to six or seven years old.

Rock Mammoth by Eveline Payette and Guillaume Perreault

Rating: ⭐⭐

Release Date:  21st April 2020

Louis has to do an oral presentation on his pet. To everyone’s great surprise, he decides to present his mammoth. Even more surprising, he talks to the class about a new species of hairy Elephantidae only recently discovered: the Rock Mammoth. This proud ancestor of the hairy musicians of the ’70s didn’t actually disappear. In fact, these elephants had had enough of being rock stars and wished for a more tranquil life. So they decided to remain hidden during the last millennia. But now Louis, the great mammoth enthusiast and rigorous scientific apprentice, has discovered this well-kept secret and is ready to reveal it to the world.

My Thoughts: 
The illustrations were poor, the story was long and rambling (despite only being 27 pages or so) and I was utterly bored while reading, not charmed or curious. The humour fell flat and I had a serious problem differentiating fact from fiction with regard to the mammoth facts so a kid is going to stand no chance. All in all, the book felt like a really bad trip and the first time I read it to my child would be the last time. I'm sorry to say, I cannot recommend at all. 

*All books were review copies received via NetGalley *


  1. Scaredy Monster sounds so cute. And actually had some good lessons. The other two seem pretty lacking.

  2. Scaredy Monster looks adorable. I'm bummed A Little Ocurage isn't better - it sounded cute.

    Karen @ For What It's worth

    1. It did! But it totally missed it's mark for me.

  3. Well, at least you liked Scaredy Monster.

  4. I think a lot of new kids book authors think they can put any drivel on a few pages and call it a childrens book looking to make some quick money. Back when the two girls I babysit were picture book age it was easy for me to grab books for my Kindle, but I soon became wary and if it wasn't a high profile book I wouldn't bother with it unless it was a feebie. Even 99¢ books add up. Ha ha. Thanks for sharing your reviews. 👍✨