Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Task It Tuesday: February's Goals

Beyond the bookish resolutions I set out at the beginning of January, I haven't decided on what else I want to achieve this year. 
The truth is, there is a lot I want to do and most of it would fall into the long term goals category. 
The only way to achieve the long term goals is by breaking them down into bite-sized chunks and that's fine... But it still leaves me feeling like I've achieved nothing when I look back on the year. 
(Plus, the big goals have a way of casting long shadows over all the little things that give you a buzz of achievement.)

That's why each month, I'm going to be taking part in Task It Tuesday. 
I'm going to use it to track all the things I want to achieve in a month regardless of whether they're mundane, ridiculous, or pretty damn important. 
It'll give me a reminder, every single month, to celebrate the little things and when I feel like I'm getting nowhere it'll give me something to look back on and think, "actually, I'm doing ok."

There are five key areas that tie into my goals: Home, Blogging, Family Adventures, Health and Finance. Each month, I plan to set goals out under these categories but the emphasis on each will vary month-to-month... Plus there will be some random ones that don't fall into any of the main categories.

February's goals!

Arrange a roof cavity inspection.
We got a letter in recently about fire cavity spaces in the attic not being up to code in some of the new build houses so they want to come and inspect each build and - if your house is affected - rectify. 
Finding time is tricky but not something to be ignored so I need it dealt with in Feb.

Arrange a boiler service.
Because we're grown ups and homeowners now and we need to do these things.
(I have to remind myself frequently of both those points.)
Plus, I like heating and hot water and don't like big repair bills so preventative maintenance all the way!

Start sowing February seeds.
Last summer, we started a vegetable garden and we're at that point of year where it's time to start sowing some of the crops! It's early in the season but if you want a steady harvest you need to space out the sowing of the seeds or they all come at once! (We learned this lesson last year. 😆)

Sort through the little dude's clothes and remove all the things that are too small & sell/donate.
The kid grows like a weed. 
Every time I do this, I feel like I've just done it! Grrr.

Yes, it's one word not a goal... But I have Instagram and barely use it! Which is frankly ridiculous because I'm a complete picture ho and photograph everything. 
So, I guess my goal is to post a minimum of three times a week and to post varied (and more bookish) content

Prep blog posts for the week ahead the weekend before.
It's simple, I don't have time during the week to write posts, read posts, return comments and do all the things I need to do to keep my house/family/life ticking over.
So, if it's not scheduled by the Sunday night before, it's not happening.
I'm hoping this gets me into a good blogging rhythm and helps balance things out.

Read (at least) two of the books on my Nuke Netgalley Challenge.
I have so many to choose from and get through before the year is out... I should be able to find a couple I'm in the mood for!

Visit at least one National Trust property. 
I paid for an annual membership last summer and we've not come remotely close to making it economically viable. Thus it's time to get our money's worth!

Visit the Fleet Aviation Museum
We bought tickets for this when they were half price last year but haven't redeemed them yet. If we don't do it soonish, they'll expire. 

Look into Penguin feeding at the oceanarium for the little dude's birthday.
He's obsessed with penguins and he wants to feed the penguins... Should be interesting since he doesn't even like feeding dry food to his hamsters! 😂

Lose 7lbs/half a stone/3kg (ish)
The weight I lost a year ago has crept back on. I'm grumpy that my jeans are pinchy. So, I'm going to get it off again. But, slowly... Because it's not a race and following a diet plan makes me evil.

Keep the family accounting up to date on a weekly basis. 
I'm a project manager! I love spreadsheets! But I'm completely hit and miss at tracking our household expenditure and because of that it turns into a laborious task at the end of the month and sucks up half a freaking day instead of being a quick and simple review job. 
An hour (or less) a week seems much better for my sanity... 

Pokemon Go: Evolve my Eevee into an Umbreon
(Yes, I play Pokemon Go and yes I have goals, lol.)


Tell me, what are your February tasks/goals you need to tick off your list?
Or are you a rebel with no to-do list?


  1. Sometimes I do think becoming an adult is a farce, so much responsibility they don't tell you about, especially if you own a home LOL! But truly, it really is weird how much more you have to do and worry about that you never expected and no one ever told you about. I hope you get everything done that you need too with all your goals this coming month.

    1. Right?! I don't remember signing up for this adulting nonsense... I feel like I fell into it by accident! lol

  2. I can never be bothered spending time on any of the social media things as it doesn't greatly interest me! I basically have a lot of things to do around the house to get everything neat and tidy but time gets away from me every day and health issues continually intervene! I hope you can make progress with your goals!

    1. Thanks Chuckles! The health issues are the hardest part most weeks.

  3. Good luck with your goals! Instagram should be one of my goals, too. I post a photo every few months. That’s probably not enough.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. It's just easy to forget about and I worry that for a 'bookish' account I never post about books, lol. It's more cats...

  4. Great goals. I write a lot of blog posts and have them ready to go all month long. Right now I have 30 blog posts written and ready to go. I wish you luck with all your goals.

    1. I'd love to get more blogging ahead done! It'd make life so much easier but I'll settle for beasting it the weekend before for now... And blog further out when I have energy and inspiration. :)

  5. I love this idea. I'm trying to break down certain goals into monthly goals and make them a bit easier to manage. I am definitely hoping to lose some more weight - I've gained some of what I lost, and I need to lose that and then keep going! Good luck with all of these goals. I also want to start blogging ahead as much as I can.


    1. I feel like blogging ahead is somehow the key to balancing blogging, commenting and the rest of life... I'll crack the mystery formula to balance one day! :)

  6. Great post, Nicci. I’ve always read that you are exponentially more likely to achieve goals when they are written down. So, great start! :) I really need to make an effort at blogging ahead. I’m always flying by the seat of my pants and cobbling something together at the last minute. Every single post is like that! Maybe my Sunday afternoons can be for writing and scheduling some posts. Except that’s when I like to nap... LOL

    1. I think it's an accountability thing. :)

  7. I really need to get a bit more organized, too! I love the idea of getting started on the garden. I am hoping to get some seeds started inside soon. :)

    1. The veggie garden will be the easy part of sorting out my garden this year! The rest of it needs a lot of work. :(

  8. I think my favorite goal is for you to evolve Eevee (my daughter would approve). I do all my posts the weekend before, because I don't really have time during the week. My reviews are written further ahead, because I write them the weekend after I read the books. It helps not having to do anything during the week. I would love a veggie garden. That's awesome. Good luck! I hope you achieve everything on the list

  9. Not so much a specific goal but I want to find my way back to regular reading and blogging. I don't want to jinx myself but this was a good week lol

    I also realized we don't get below freezing too often here so I might be able to plant a few cold weather flowers now. I miss my garden SO much and this will make me happy.

    Karen @ For What It's worth

    1. I hope you find some hardy plants for planting in chillier temps. They definitely exist... I just dont know what they are as I'm useless with plants!

  10. Good luck with all of your goals! I've been working on blogging ahead more, but mixed success so far, lol.