Friday, 3 January 2020

Do you have any New Year's Blogging Resolutions? (Reading Resolutions Challenge)

This year I have both things I want to achieve and things that I'm letting go of for the sake of my sanity.

Bookish Resolution #1 - Shut Up and Read It!

This is my own personal challenge. I am sick to death of saying, "That sounds good, I'd like to read it one day." And then I never read it. I often buy it but still do not read it!
It's long past time that I shut up and actually read these books!

This bunch are all on my kindle and are all books I've picked up because many of you lovely blogging peeps have spoken of them so highly.

This year, I will read all 16 of them.
(I'm sure there are more but these are the ones that jumped out at me, the ones I own, so the ones I'm holding myself to!)

Bookish Resolution #2 - Nuke NetGalley

I've spoken of how I had a different blog before this one and how I deleted it all in the past so I won't repeat it all but I'll add to it... 
I had another NG account back then - linked to the old blog's email - and before I deleted everything I had been neglecting everything for much longer. 
That NG account had a load of unread, unreviewed, books. 
When I returned to blogging, I couldn't get back into that NG account as I couldn't remember the password and couldn't re-set it because I'd deleted the email account.
It was left abandoned.
I set up a new one and moved on. 
Recently, while sorting through unsorted moving boxes,  I found an old notebook and while flicking through it, I found my old password, logged in and almost expired from blogger shame.

Thus, bookish resolution number two!

This year, I will aim to read and review every last one of those books and post reviews for them. 
I'll be clearing the slate. All 16 books from the old account.

But I'm going one step further... I'm also going to clear the slate on my current NG and EW accounts. 
(That's another 18 books, btw.)

Basically, moving forward, I'm going to be a better-behaved blogger. 
This may mean limiting my ARC intake to almost zero but it'll be worth it to get back in control.

Bookish Resolution #3 - Binge The Series

I have numerous UF series that I want to read, own many of the books, and haven't read them - or have partially read them.
This year, I'm changing that! This year, I'm going to read & finish all these series:

The Chicagoland Vampires (I've read 6 out of 13)
The Kitty Norville Series (I've read 4 out of 13)
The Lunar Chronicles (I've read 0 out of 4)
The Hush Hush Series (I've read 0 out of 4)
The Selection Series (I've read 0 out of 5)
The Red Queen Series (I've read 0 out of 4)
The Dark Days Series (I've read 0 out of 6)
The Mercy Thompson Series (I've read 0 out of 12)
The Magnus Chase Series (I've read 0 out of 3 books)
The Trials of Apollo Series (I've read 0 out of 5 books)
Hades Hangmen Series (I've read 0 out of 10 books - I'm counting the 2 novellas)
Crown of Shards Series (I've read 0 out of 3 books)

If I succeed in this it'll be 72 books.
Yeah... 72 books.
This combined with my "Nuke NetGalley" resolution kind of put my Beat The Backlist goal into perspective, don't they! πŸ˜†


Because I'm not a completely delusional, I'm going to have to implement steps in order to achieve the above and generally maintain my sanity.
Some of those steps I've listed below!

No Audio ARCs or Audio Review Copies

Throughout 2019, I carved out a place for audiobooks in my life. All the objections I used to have to them melted away as I found a way to listen that worked for me and this made me feel brave and request some audio review copies. 
Big mistake!
I enjoyed the books but I couldn't listen to them with a quick turn around and review within desired timeframes which just made me feel stressed and guilty. 
So this year, I'll continue to listen to audiobooks but will steer clear of review copies and continue with my tried and tested method of listening to my son's books when he's finished with them. 
Middle-grade fantasy - for want of a better description - really suits me when driving!
(And will tick off two of the series listed in Bookish Resolution #3.)

Only Accept/Request an ARC I'm desperate for and will read immediately upon receipt.

Often, I'll request a book then my mood will change and I'll not want to read it anymore, actually, that's not quite right... I DO want to read it but the mood for it has passed and therefore I need to wait to be in the mood again and that can get tricky when meeting deadlines.
There are few books/series that I'm dying for and will immediately jump on so, moving forward, I think I need to limit my ARC intake to those books for the sake of my sanity, TBR pile and reading goals. 

Limit/Remove Time Pressured Events

This applies to book blitzes, tours etc. They're fun and I like supporting authors whose work I enjoy or am interested in but they can be time-consuming and often the kits don't arrive in a timely fashion so I'm left with a last-minute scramble.
Obviously, not all companies/authors are the same so I'm not excluding these events entirely but  I'm going to have to be much more selective in the things I sign up for.
I already started down this path last year so it shouldn't be too difficult to maintain and refine it this year.

Ignore the Hype Machine

It's hard to avoid the hype of a book when you visit so many book blogs and they're all raving about something but I'm going to have to decline to hop on a train and add things to my TBR just because they sound good and other people are loving them.
It sounds so simple but I add so many books because they sound good to me even when I know they aren't my kind of book and I won't naturally reach for it. 
I need to do myself a favour and reduce the TBR pile not just by wading through it but by not adding to it unless I'm 100% genuinely enthusiastic about something, not just caught in the wave.

Establish a Blogging/Commenting Schedule (and stick to it!)

I love book blogging but it is the first thing to suffer when life gets busy or I get tired.
The more I read, the less time I spend online.
This year, I intend to do much more reading so I know that something has to give to allow that.
To prevent things piling up and getting overwhelmed, I need to establish a routine for myself and stick to it. 
I know I'll feel happier for it and hopefully, the blog will be better for it too.

Post More Things That Aren't Book Related

I know. I'm a book blog and this won't help with achieving the bookish resolutions but I like posting about other things too so I'm planning on doing a bit more of that when inspiration strikes. If that's not to people's liking then scroll on that day. πŸ˜‰


And that's that!! It's a long post if you've made it to the bottom well done and thank you! lol
A lot of this has been brewing for a while so I'm happy to finally be doing something about it!


I'm linking this post up to The Coffee Addicted Writer's Book Blogger Hop as it ties in nicely with their topic this week!


  1. You have some great goals! Hope you achieve them. Jm trying to go back and read books that I always meant to read but never had enough time to get to. I'm reading and reviewing my review books but I'm also trying to find new authors that I've never tried before. It's been great so far. Happy reading!

  2. I can't even tell you how many times I've seen a book, grabbed it and then haven't read it. Like, I seriously think in the 100's by now. It's embarrassing. I can't even tell you how many series I've started and haven't finished either. Not because I don't want to but because I don't have time for them all but still keep starting new ones. I think I have a problem! I'm trying really hard to finish series that I'm still interested in and doing less and less with ARCs and blog tours (I've cut those drastically in the past couple of years) and am concentrating more on my actual TBR pile, which I have really loved! So many great books I missed out on because I was too busy reading ARCs instead. Not that ARCs are bad, just I need to find a balance and stop buying books LOL!
    Good luck with all your goals and challenges, I love them!

    1. Thank you! I hope you have a good reading year and achieve your goals also!

  3. Good luck with all your goals. :) I hope you are able to read all of your NG titles - I should add the same goal to my list and reach 100% read/review rate. Lately, I've joined blog tours that the materials don't arrive in time. I've been thinking about giving up on them entirely - life is already so stressful and chaotic that we don't need the stress of late promotion materials...

    Happy New Year!
    TΓ’nia @MyLovelySecret

    1. Super super stressful when that happens! We're busy enough without a book being dropped in our laps (no matter how much we want to read it) and only having a day or two to read it and review it! Even a week isn't enough! :(

  4. Resolution 1 - Do it! You have a lot of great books waiting there for you. I see 8 I really enjoyed, and one or two that I hope to read.
    Resolution 2 - 34 books is not so bad. You can do it! I hope you find some gems in there too. I have only read America's Sweetheart, which I enjoyed, but I am going to be reading You Deserve Each Other.
    Resolution 3 - I love listening to audiobooks, but I have done a full on review for few. I find I don't hold onto the details as well as when I read the book, and because I am doing other things as I listen, I cannot take notes.
    Good luck with all these resolutions!

  5. You have a lot of goals for the year! I'm trying to keep the reading goals simple and mood read all year. If I want to do a challenge for a week or month I'll join in only if I'm in the mood for those genres/themes! On the blogging side I intend to visit my favourite blogs and leave more messages of a positive nature, even if our reading tastes differ! I also need to tidy up my blog and Goodreads account and use Twitter for book related stuff this year! I hope you continue to enjoy Kitty and I love Mercy Thompson! I'm hoping to catch up with a lot of series this year too...I also like your plans about regaining control of things and a lot of my goals have that theme to them too. I'll be cheering you on this year!

    1. I'll be cheering you on too! Taking back control, feeling in control, and doing what I want to do is a big thing for me this year... It's the key to happy and sane, I think! :)

  6. Good luck with all of your goals! I definitely want to focus on books that I already own this year. I have sooo many, and I really do want to read them, so I need to focus on that. I know that when I read a lot, I don't always blog a ton, so I want to schedule ahead more often and make that easier. Plus, it will (hopefully) give me more time to work on my own manuscript.

    Also - I loved Fangirl and Gentlemen's Guide to Vice and Virtue. I also want to read Josh and Hazel (though I don't own it) and Wallbanger (which I DO own).


    1. Thanks Lauren! I hope you get to more of your existing books. We can get so caught up in what's currently releasing and stuff that it's easy to forget and neglect the things we wanted to originally read. They wouldn't have made it onto our shelves if they didn't appeal. :)

      Good luck with scheduling and writing too!