Sunday, 24 November 2019

Weekly Update #87

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer
It’s a chance to share News. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and share news about what is coming up for the week on our blog.

Now that's explained, it's on to my weekly recap!

I'm late posting this today and last week I forgot to even link up.
Sums things up at the moment, lol.
I've been trying to catch up and keep on top of things but I've been completely hit and miss but have accepted that this is the way it's going to be for a bit.
Life, eh?

I'm struggling to think of what happened last week...
Work was crazy busy and this coming week isn't looking much better next week as I'm out for two days at a conference.
Oh, the joys. I'm really not a fan of those.
Beyond that, the only point of note was going out with some friends on Friday night to celebrate a birthday which was a riot. 

99p Sale

It's been a very long time since I've read anything by Emma Hart but this one sounds fun!


I've been loving Chantel Fernando's Wind Dragon's series this month so grabbed this one as a freebie. It's a different series but I'm definitely curious.

Wrapped Up In Christmas
This was a fantastically sweet Christmas romance. It wasn't a perfect book but it made me feel so warm and happy.

Arrow's Hell 
⭐⭐⭐ 1/2
I like this one but there was a couple of things that niggled me.

Tracker's End 
This was a great read and could have been a five star if not for the completely unnecessary shit show towards the end... It was like drama for drama's sake and it made me want to scream.

Dirty Ride 
This was the first novella of the series (the others being full-length novels) and it shouldn't have been a novella. The potential, the content, of this story, needed a full-length novel to do it justice.
I still enjoyed it but it was all too rushed.

The Big Bang Theory re-watch continues. Half-way through season 10.
I'll be finished before Christmas and finally onto something else, I'm sure. ๐Ÿ˜†

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Have a great week all!


  1. Obviously I had to go check out Wrapped Up in Christmas on GR. Five star ratings always make me want to know more, and it sounds really lovely. I expect a holiday book to feel like a warm hug, and it sounds like that was your experience with the book. Good luck with the week!

    1. Thanks Sam!
      I like holiday warm hug books. :)

  2. I have a Christmas themed cozy mystery to hopefully start reading this week. Can't wait!


  3. I have weeks like that too, where I'm like- what actually happened lol. Anyway, hope your new week is good and good luck with the conference (I'm not always a fan of those either!).

  4. Conferences can be so dull but maybe you'll get lucky and it'll be a better one!

  5. I watched the Big Bang Theory for the first time this summer - during my pregnancy hibernation lol - and I loved it. I cried watching the last episode with Sheldon's speech <3! Enjoy :)

    I hope work isn't too bad this week, I know conferences are not the most fun! Have a good one!

    1. It was beautiful! I loved Sheldon's speech. A perfect way to end the show.

  6. I hope your conference isn't too dull? It sounds like you could find much better things to do in that time if you had the choice!

    1. It was very meh but it could have been worse!

  7. Oh I know those weeks... I had one last week and seem to be having one this week too! Glad you sounding a bit better and back to your normal self. Happy reading :) Thanks for visiting my blog and the comments <3

    Chanzie @ Free To Be Me