Sunday, 30 June 2019

Weekly Update #66

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It’s a chance to share News. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and share news about what is coming up for the week on our blog.

Now that's explained, it's on to my weekly recap!

The little dude was off school Friday (teacher training day) and, as we had to work, his grandfather took him air flying (aka indoor sky diving). They had an amazing time and after seeing the video, I want to try it! I would never be brave enough to jump out of a plane but getting shot into the air by giant fans? Heck yeah! Sign me up!

Aside from that this has been a week of loving being at work to hide in the air-conditioned office as the heat level hit horribly hot here in the UK. Apparently, summer has finally arrived!


This was a big pile of meh. I didn't love it, I didn't hate it... The beginning was slow and the character annoying as hell but it picked up as it went on and ended in an ok place.
Not sure I'll read the next in the series though.


With the little dude at his grandfathers on Thursday evening (and the professor not getting home until super late) I had some me time. I was going to finish my book but decided to start watching A Discovery of Witches sometime around 5pm ish and didn't stop until I'd finished the entire series. One episode after another until all eight episodes were consumed.
It was wonderful!
I'd read the first two books years ago but I only remember the general plot and most random of details so seeing it all come to life on screen has made me want to revisit those and read the final book!

Thank you A Discovery of Witches for bringing this fantastic cover to my attention!

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Have a great week all!

From the UK with lots of love....



  1. I want to go indoor sky diving!
    a Discover of Witches looks really cool! I love binge watching series when they're that good. Have a lovely week!
    Genesis @ Whispering Chapters

  2. What a pity you didn't enjoy Hidden Sight. I really liked that one! I'm still waiting on book three to come out. Still, that's the fun of reading isn't it, all of us reacting differently to the same books! Hope you like your next read better!

  3. It seems unlikely I'll go skydiving, since I couldn't even get up enough courage to ride with a friend on the back of his motorcycle yesterday. But it sounds delightful. At least in theory.

    I definitely would drop the ball on that book series. I generally don't even finish books that disappoint me.

    Enjoy your week!

  4. Glad you got some "ME" time and a chance to watch Discovery of the Witches. I'm ashamed to say the only Witch show I watched was Bewitched and Hocus Pocus.

  5. I have not seen A Discovery of Witches sounds like it is great if you can watch it back to back like that. I feel the same about Stranger Things. I can just watch them back to back and usually start with the first season. Which I will do when season 3 comes out. YAY, I can't wait. Have a wonderful week!


  6. I love the "Happy Treason Day" meme! I have seen t shirts with that as well. Hilarious!

  7. My brother did the indoor skydiving a couple of times but there's no way I want to. Hope you have fun if you do it.

  8. So it's hot in the UK as well? This is promising for my stay in London by the end of July! Have a wonderful week Nicci!

  9. It's been the same here- it got HOT suddenly lol. And indoor skydiving sounds like a blast! I'd never jump out of a plane either. Uh-uh, not for me. :)

    Love that - Treason day haha!

  10. I haven't been able to find A Discovery of Witches to watch it. I live in Canada. I would love this show as I read all the books. I heard about the scorching temperatures in that part of the world. Here, it has been raining and cloudy. Today there is a bit of sunshine but I expect it to rain later on. Thanks for sharing the song. Classic. beautiful. timely.
    My Sunday Post

  11. I'll have to check out A Discovery of Witches. I never read the books, but it sounds great especially hearing you had to binge watch it. Lol on that Happy Treason Day! :)

  12. So your son has one of those cool grandfathers. What a fun outing.

  13. I cannot wait for season 2 of Discovery of Witches. I love the trilogy:) Have a fun week!

  14. I love this week's post Nicci,
    I think I might add indoor skydiving to my wish list. I haven't read the final Book of Life either but loved the TV series; I keep telling myself to read it before they make another series. Brilliant 4th July meme. Lol!
    Hope you have a great week, Nicci and enjoy your reads.
    Flora x
    Here's my Sunday Post

  15. I binged A Discovery of Witches one after another too, it’s such a long wait for the next season though.

    Have a great reading week

  16. HAH! Love the Happy Treason Day. Too funny. I would love to go indoor skydiving. I'm hoping soon - they finally opened up a place not too far from me!


  17. I have A Discovery of Witches on my wishlist to read. IT looks so good. I would love to watch the series too. I hope you have a great week!

  18. "a big pile of meh", hilarious! I'd sky dive but would have to plan it so I could get my gumption up.

  19. I'm glad to hear A Discovery of Witches is good. I've been wanting to watch that one.

  20. I(t's been pretty hot where I live as well! Indoor sky diving sounds like a lot of fun! I'm a scaredy cat, so I don't know if I'd even want to attempt the indoor version. A Discovery of Witches T.V. show sounds like it was great! I need to check it out! Have a great week Nicci :)

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

  21. A Discovery of Witches is a show I should try! So fun that your son and his grandfather has a man's day out!! Super fun and perfect for you too. ❤️

  22. I've heard about the indoor air flying thing and I think it sounds fabulous. Most of the thrill without the risk. I keep forgetting to watch A Discovery of Witches and really need to. You reminded me, so I left a note for myself. :)

    Thanks or stopping by!

    Tressa @ Wishful Endings

  23. Indoor skydiving sounds fun but I am terrified of heights. Yes, it's not that far off the ground but still! I like to have some type of control!! LOL! I don't think A Discovery of Witches is available in the US yet! I may be wrong about that! But anyways I wanna watch it whenever it is available. How hot is it in the UK right not?

    ~Kendra @ Kendra Loves Books

  24. Lol @ Happy Treason Day!! Love it!

    A Discovery of Witches looks so good! I need to watch it!

  25. Air flying does sound fun, not sure if I would enjoy it, but it sure sounds less scary than actually jumping out of a plane.

    Sorry to hear Hidden Sight was a meh one for you. I own a copy and thought the premise sounded so fun, but that doesn't sound as good how the plot is slow and the character annoying,

    I might have to check out A Discovery of Witches, I enjoyed book 1, but book 2 was so big I never got around to reading it. Have a great week!