Saturday, 2 February 2019

2019 Reading Challenge Update - Jan

So, we've survived January! Yeay! 
That is a cause for celebration for January has absolutely sucked.

It's been reading slump central for me so far this year and it makes reading challenges a little bit difficult. 
I have read some books and I have actually made some progress with some of my challenges! How exciting is that?
I may actually complete these this year! I know it's a bit early to declare that but I hopeful!

This year, I signed up for  4 reading challenges (not including the Goodreads Challenge) and 1 blogging challenge.
Details of them can be found in my 2019 Reading Challenge sign up post.

This month I have made progress as follows...

The Goal was to 10-12 books this year featuring royalty.

In January, I read this one!

The love interest is a prince.

My blog challenge... Each month a prompt is given and the goal is to write a blog post that fits it. 
I failed to write one for January. 
Guess, I'll need to write two in Feb!

My aim for this one was to read 10-15 books featuring bad boys... 
I read no books featuring bad boys in January.
I'm not worried though. I love bad boys so I'll make this one up in no time!

This reading challenge is aimed at reading books published before 2019 and getting them off your backlist/TBR/wishlist... 

I'm going to struggle to quantify my progress with this one as my wishlist/TBR is constantly shifting and so many books will qualify. I mean, if I read 50 books off the backlist but then added 60 back-listed books, I haven't really progressed at all on beating it, have I?
However, that's a problem to mull over later.

This month, I read 6 books from the backlist.

4 of these were on the TBR before this year but the other two were new additions added this year but published in previous years...

I'm aiming for 5 audiobooks this year.
In January, I listened to one!

I only listened while commuting so if I continue like this, I may need to revise up!


So, hows your challenges going this year?


  1. Seems like you've gotten a great start on your challenges. Good luck in February!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  2. Good start on your challenges! I loved the Heroes of Olympus!

  3. You're doing pretty well. I didn't make any challenges except to read 100 books by the end of the year. I've read 20 so far.

  4. A little slow, but this is a slumpy time of the year. You actually got a nice stack read and listened to. Rooting you on for February. :)

  5. I'm pleased with my challenges for January, making progress on each one. This month is looking very busy for reading! Like you, I read one book for the Royal Challenge. I plan to read one this month and then maybe read two or three next month to really kickstart the challenge.

    1. I'm hoping Feb is a much better month but so far not so much! :/

  6. Some great and fun challenges you have. Sounds like you are doing pretty well on them despite your slump. Also The Heroes of Olympus is so much fun!


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