Sunday, 23 September 2018

Weekly Update #30

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It’s a chance to share News. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and share news about what is coming up for the week on our blog.

Now that's explained, it's on to my weekly recap!

I'm a twisty ball of anxiety.
We signed so many pieces of paper full of legal jargon this week. It's good news in that we'll be moving in October but, I dunno... I just can't shake the feeling that the closer we get to completion that something will go wrong. It's like, we want it so much and have waited so long that it can't possibly happen.
Does that make sense?
I know - logically - that any bumps in the road at this point are likely to be of the minor variety but I just can't handle the waiting and the stress and the feeling of being so close but yet so far.
It's actually driving me nuts.

So, yeah.
That's been my week. House buying anxiety and neurosis.
It's gotten in the way of the things I wanted to finish and post and it's gotten in the way of commenting, returning comments and generally doing anything (except binge-watching Riverdale).
I'm hoping that I'm able to calm my shizzle enough this week to get back on track somewhat and maybe even get some posts scheduled to help buffer the up-coming chaos of moving.

Coming Home to Maple Cottage by Holly Martin


This was a nice and autumnal romance. A bit frustrating at times but still very sweet.

Strong by Kylie Scott


Saying I've never been a fan of Martha is a bit of an understatement but I actually quite liked her here. She's still very much Martha but she's a Martha that's grown up a lot and learned from her past mistakes. Her and Sam's novella was a fun, quick, read that provided a lovely catch up with the Stage Dive crew and maybe, just maybe, gives us a hint as to a potential new rockstar to fixate on...

Biting Cold by Chloe Neill


I returned to Chicagoland for book 6 and while still an enjoyable read it was definitely my least favourite of the series, so far. A bridging book, I guess.


I found a paperback boxset for £8 in one of the local bookshops.
This series has been on the wishlist for a while and I know it's crazy to be adding more things to pack and move - especially when I'm downsizing my physical library to move as it is - but I couldn't resist!


America's Sweetheart sounds like such a fun contemporary read... And It's a Wonderful Night's beautiful blurb and cover made requesting it a no-brainer! (My first festive acquisition for the upcoming season!)

Due to the house-buying neurosis mentioned above, I've been offline a lot so haven't been around the blogs and have no idea what's going on.

OMG, I'm loving this show! Seriously... I have no idea why I didn't give it a try sooner!
It's just what I needed to distract me from my crazy!

All the things I wanted to post... Incomplete. Oh well. I'll finish them soon.
This week was therefore pretty minimal.

Cover Reveal: Royally Yours by Emma Chase
Excerpt Reveal: Unleashed by J.L. Drake

Release Blitz for Kylie Scott's Strong on Tuesday as well as my review for the book on Saturday (29th). Outside of that, I've scheduled a post for Waiting on Wednesday but that's it! Hopefully, I'll get one of my other posts up too.

Have a great week all!


  1. House buying anxiety is definitely a thing! I hope it goes smoothly for you from here on out. And yay for Riverdale- I love that show!!

    1. Definitely a thing.... A huge annoying thing, lol.

  2. Good luck with the house. I am keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well. I read America's Sweetheart and the book prior to that in the series this week. I really enjoyed them both. I am trash for second chance romances, and what's better than first loves reuniting?

  3. I know what you mean. I tend to have that feeling about big things like that. But I'm sure it will all be alright! So I'm wishing you an anxiety free week :)

  4. Buying a house is SO stressful! You think each stage is the worst until you get to the next one lol

    I remember panicking that on closing day the closing cost would be so exorbitant (they only give you an estimate so you don't know until that day) that we couldn't afford it and the whole thing would fall through. of course it was less but you don't know that until it's over. will be over soon and then you can move on to moving & decorating (also stressful lol)

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

  5. Hope everything goes smoothly with the move and you can let go of the stress!!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  6. I hope everything goes smoothly with your house buying. i can definitely understand the anxiety.

    Have a lovely week and happy reading!
    My wrap-up:

  7. Good luck with the house and I totally understand! I was more nervous than on my wedding day LOL

  8. Oh I would be anxiety ridden too. I'm sure things will go smoothly and once you're in the house I'm sure you'll feel better.

  9. I'm sure everything with the house will be fine, but I get it - sometimes you know that logically, but these things are still anxiety-inducing!!


  10. I hope that everything goes smoothly leading up to your move and that you'll soon be settled into your new home. Such an exciting time!

    1. It is exciting. When I get over the panic, I remember that! lol

  11. I would probably have anxiety too in your place, but hopefully nothing will go wrong! I've heard good things about Riverdale and have been considering giving a try since I need a new show to watch. Glad to hear it's so good!

  12. Oh, yes, I remember that anxiety well! I've actually bought several houses over my lifetime, and the process always produces that feeling that something could go wrong. Usually it doesn't. One time we were moving into a house, and the previous owners didn't take a lot of their garbage. In fact they left a mess! But we cleared it out. Sigh.

    Good luck! Enjoy your books. Coming Home to Maple Cottage looks good! Thanks for visiting my blog.

  13. Nicci, congratulations on buying your new home! Its very exciting.

    angelica @ paperback princess

  14. I feel you and hope everything goes well with the move and all that it entails. Hopefully you read some nice relaxing reads the help ease your mind. I have been wanting to read something by Chloe Neill. I think I have a couple of her books on my TBR pile. I hope you love Aveyard's books! I have been wanting to read them too. I keep putting off starting Riverdale. I should probably just dive in, shouldn't I? I am glad you are enjoying it! I hope you are enjoying your weekend. Have a wonderful week!