Sunday, 16 September 2018

Weekly Update #29

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer
It’s a chance to share News. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and share news about what is coming up for the week on our blog.

Now that's explained, it's on to my weekly recap!

Work, sleep, eat, repeat.
Seriously, that's how exciting my week has been.

Oh, and waiting! Yes, lots of waiting... Stupid solicitors.
I Just want a moving date already!

Your Echo by Katia Rose


I really enjoyed this one! My thoughts on Your Echo.

Mirror Mage by Linsey Hall


My second complete audiobook.
When I listened to the first in this series all I could rant about was the diabolical Scottish accent for one of the characters. Now, I've become numb to it.
Book two of a five book audio boxset down!
It was quite good. I'm liking this series.
Listening to audiobooks in the car is also becoming less problematic, so... Win?



Clo at Book Dragons is hosting Blogoween!
This is me declaring that I've signed up for this badger.
I love Halloween but I've only signed up for Level 1 participation... I.e. 13 non-consecutive Halloween/Autumn themed posts throughout October.
If you love Halloween, check it out and join in the fun!

I've also signed up for the blog ahead event being hosted by Anna at Herding Cats and Burning Soup.
I signed up last October and got a few posts put away and found it super useful.
This year, I'm hoping to hit the full 30 posts!
It'll come in handy for when I move...

I watched Sierra Burgess is a Loser and it was a bit... Problematic.
Fat shaming, transphobia, bullying, catfishing - to name a few issues.
It left me feeling really sad, actually.

Review: Your Echo by Katia Rose
Blitz: Your Echo by Katia Rose
Blog Tour: Vow of Atonement by Emma Renshaw

The only thing I have planned is a cover reveal for the next book in Emma Chase's Royally series! Beyond that, I'm planning on posting a few things I've been working on / thinking about for a while now...

Have a great week all!


  1. That's too bad about all that waiting. But I love it that you're participating in Blogoween :) they've whipped up such an amazing project! I am so proud of them. I can't believe they all hang out in my group :,)

    Evelina @ AvalinahsBooks

  2. Hope you get you moving date soon! The waiting is so frustrating. The closing date for our old house has been postponed a month. Last-minute financing issues with the buyers. So that's been rather panic-inducing! I'm so surprised (actually shocked LOL) that you continued that audio series after ranting about the horrid accent. LOL I can't decide whether to pick up Kylie's Strong yet. I always loved Sam but Martha? Ugh. I loathed her so much I don't think I even care to read her "redemption" novel.

    1. Oh no! Hopefully the financing issue resolves! What a nightmare. :/

      Re audiobooks: I know... And I still frequently rant about the accent, and spend a lot of time wincing in pain, but I'm bored with the commute and I own it and I've discovered that you can become numb to anything after a while, lol.

  3. Urg. My good friend has been waiting for a moving date now for over a month and it looks as though she is about to lose the house she set her heart on. Honestly, it's the 21st century and the cumbersome, expensive system is not fit for purpose! Best of luck and I hope you get some good news very soon...

    1. You're 100% correct. It's hideous. I hope it resolves for your friend and she doesn't lose the house! We're luck in that we're buying a new build so we don't need to contend with a chain this time around!

  4. The struggle of waiting, I can definitely relate. Hopefully you can finally have the move soon :)

    Blushing Geek

  5. I'm looking forward to your posts to see what you've been working on and thinking about.

  6. 30 planned posts is nice! I should check out the blog ahead post, too. I'll be skipping Sierra Burgess is a Loser. I don't like depressing and sad for my entertainment. Happy reading and thanks for visiting my blog! :)

    1. 30 planned posts is a long-shot but I'm going for it because you're right, it would be nice! :)

  7. Glad you are adapting to audios. Waiting sucks no matter what it is you are waiting on!

  8. Dang you solicitors, hurry!!!!! I totally get you

    Less problematic? Win for me

    1. I know! I keep ranting about their inefficiency when we're paying them a fortune!

  9. Hey! We had the same week. LOL! I hope you get your moving date soon. The wait must be really frustrating. The cover of Ice to Flames is so awesome. Shirtless guy and a cute dog - twofer!

  10. Blogoween sounds awesome. I can't wait to see what people come up with! And unfortunately Sierra Burgess does seem to have lots of issues.

    1. I love Halloween so blogoween was a must. :)

  11. Yeah, I heard Sierra Burgess was really problematic, which is does that still get made these days?! HOW? lol I signed up for Blog Ahead too. I am going to try and schedule as much as I can for October this month since those posts won't count, but we'll see if I get 30 post-October ones done. haha


    1. It's funny because I'm moving in October so October is when I really need posts scheduled for! lol
      Never mind, I'm with you... schedule some for October and more for after October! :)

  12. I have to agree with the first book in Kate Daniels series Magic Bites. It's hard to get into but I like it. Does she have a romantic date with Lord Curran? lol Also it seems that a hell of a lot happens and it's a lot to digest all at once. I also feel like we are missing a lot of background between her Guardian Greg and other characters. Anyway I hope to see and visit your blog on Blogoween :) Formatting and links are missing for that as well. I wish they had some event button and fingers crossed there will be a linky list so we can visit everyone's posts. It's a new pet peeve. If you are hosting a blog meme make sure you have a link up list!!! Happy Monday! �� �� ��
    My Sunday Post

    1. Lets just say that romance in that world is slow building but well worth the wait!

  13. Waiting is horrible, especially since you're so excited to get you moving date. I do enjoy A.M. Hargrove, I'll have to look into From Ice to Flames, or maybe the first book since I haven't read it yet.

    I hope you have a wonderful week ahead and finally get some good news about your move.

  14. I hope you get a date to move fast! Legal stuff makes me anxious and asfar as possible I want nothing to do with it!

    Have a great week ahead!


  15. Woo! So glad you joined us this October for Blogoween! It's going to be a blast. ☺️