Saturday, 25 August 2018

Kiddie's Corner: Mini Reviews!

The Brightest Star - Danielle Schothorst

Expected Release Date: 1st September 2018

‘Why are some stars so big and other ones so small?’ Fox asks.
‘Maybe stars are growing,’ Dog answers. ‘When you look at a star and think of something nice, it grows.’

My Thoughts:

This was a short, charming, read about the power of compliments and nice thoughts complete with gorgeous illustrations.
This is exactly the type of book I'd have read with the little dude when he was little (under 5) but would now be way too simple and short to engage him now (at 7).

Dr. Brainchild and Radar: A Popcorn Discovery - Cole Williams

Expected Release Date: October 2nd, 2018


Kids of all ages will be inspired to explore and create by "Dr. Brainchild & Radar: A Popcorn Discovery."
Join the fun as Dr. Brainchild and Radar discover how a little bit of creativity, some wacky inventions, and a whole lotta science can transform the ordinary into something EXTRA tasty! Boy, girl, wolf, or anything in-between--it doesn't matter so long as YOU are there! Science is for everyone, so come along and enjoy the ride!

My Thoughts:

I requested this to read with the little dude as he's science obsessed and a fun story that gets the cogs in his brain whirring is always a plus.

Dr. Brainchild is a scientist and Radar is his faithful dog. Together, through a series of fun experiments, they discover microwaves. The book explains what a microwave is and how they work when it comes to cooking our food in a fun and educational story with cool and quirky illustrations.

It's not one the little dude and I are likely to read again, for the little dude's brain is like a giant magnet and he doesn't need to be told twice how microwaves work, but it was definitely worth a read if your kid is science-minded!


  1. Aww that's a nice idea to have a story about the power of compliments! And the Brainchild one looks cute, and that's cool that it's educational too :-)

    1. I'd kinda missed the picture books, lol. The little dudes been on the wordy books for a while so it was nice to step back for a little. :)

  2. Very magical children's fairy tale! Not enough of these books on the shelves of detsikh shops. A worthy replacement for Winnie the Pooh


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