Sunday, 29 April 2018

Weekly Update #9

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Now that's explained, it's on to my weekly recap!

I got my car back on Monday - after £366 of repairs! - and all seemed fine up until Thursday when it broke down again! Turns out the repair part was faulty so the garage is replacing it and gave me a courtesy car while they work. It's a bit annoying but at least I don't have anything more to pay!

This week was also parents evening and it was difficult as usual... My little dude is brilliant. He is way ahead of the curve with his learning - it's something that's been remarked on since nursery school when he was barely two years old - and therefore parents evening is a source of pride for my child... But while his academics may be effortlessly advanced, he struggles with the social aspects, with understanding people and emotions and it causes problems which break my heart.
I think the school would LOVE to be able to put him into a box - an ADHD or somewhere on the spectrum box - so that they'd be able to reconcile all his quirks with a tidy little label but he eludes classification and all I can hope for is that as he grows older he is better able to adapt. 
Oh, the joys of being a parent!

Beyond that, nothing much of note happened this week.

Blood Type by K.A. Linde


OMG! The ending of this book almost killed me but it was so good...

Rome by Joanna Wylde


I love the Reapers MC and this was an enjoyable installment but won't be a favourite. 

I'll be reviewing Rome on the blog tour this week.

Mute by ML Nystrom


This was an enjoyable read. 
It was a lot tamer and more cuddly than most MC novels and I enjoyed the lighter side of the MC universe.

This week... This week I added two KU books to the reading pile, one 99p sale, one freebie, and one splurge. 

I'm hunting for a new UF fix and this one - where the lead character is a werewolf - sounds pretty good! Fingers crossed I've found a new series to sink into! 
All are available on Kindle Unlimited so if it's good, I'm binge reading!

Another KU selection! I was quite excited about reading it until I saw something disturbing about it on another blog and now I'm hesitant as to whether to read it.

This beauty was only 99p!
I love Ginger Scott's books but I haven't read this duo yet. Picking up part one on sale was too much to pass up.

This was a freebie!

I love this cover. It calls to me. It made me buy the book. 
I was helpless to resist...
The blurb sounds awesome too.

Still 3. 

Yet to begin.

5 behind...

Well, we cheated and went to see Infinity War before finishing the re-watch and I can't talk about Infinity War because spoilers and because I'm emotionally compromised and don't know when I'll recover. Possibly not until I get to watch part two next year...
However! We decided that despite having watched Infinity War, we're going to finish the re-watch anyways - and possibly go to see Infinity War again - so next up is Antman!

MCU aside, we've been watching A Series of Unfortunate Events season two and really enjoyed it. Especially the professor and the little dude... They thought it was all kinds of awesome. 

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Coming up this week I have a blitz, a blog tour, some weekly meme participation and some reviews!
A new giveaway also kicks off on Tuesday so be sure to stop by and check it out.

Have a great week all!


  1. People do want to put labels on everything these days...'

    And ouch! SO just did not bother with repairs this time and bought a new car cos the repairs just kept getting more and more costly :/

    1. I have no faith in my car anymore. :(

  2. Sorry about the car. I hope the repair holds up this time. Don't even get me started on the over-labeling we do as a society these days. It's a constant point of frustration for me. I have had A Boy Like You for a while. My review books slow down in July, and I hope to go hard on the shelf-love. I think Prescott writes smart and funny romances. I am a fan. Can't wait to see what you think of her new one.

    1. I haven't read anything by Prescott before but I love the cover so much I hope the book is awesome! lol

  3. OMG I hope you'll love Ginger Scott's duet. I ADORED it. And you know how I feel about Tinfoil Heart :D It just sounds so good.

    I need that KA Linde book. If you need to know anything about King let me know. I have read King and the one after that. It's definitely not for the faint of heart.

    Great haul, have a lovely week!

  4. I loved King/Tyrant and that whole series. But, it is gritty and dark and certainly not for everyone!
    As a special education teacher, so many people in schools think that if we have a name for it and and IEP, suddenly the problem is fixed. As a parent you know that is NOT how it works! Schools mean well, but they really just don't get it most of the time!

    1. I don't mind gritty and dark... But I have limits, lol. I'll read it and see what it's about. :)

  5. Car problems suck but at least you got a loaner car and they are fixing the problem. My husband fixed our daughters brakes yesterday and she was happy since her brake pads were shot.

    1. How handy that your husband can do that! My other half is almost as inept as me when it comes to cars!

  6. So many tempting books! Glad your car is getting fixed.

    Enjoy your upcoming week, and thanks for visiting my blog.

  7. I think schools or daycares or whatever do try to pigeonhole sometimes, to make it easier to categorize, but you're right- every inidividual is unique and you can't always do that. Hope all goes well with that going forward!

    I saw Infinity War too and wow! so much to process... I hope someone somewhere does a spoilery discussion post lol so we can talk about this stuff ha ha!

    Have a good week!

    1. They sure do love to label. =:<

      P.S - I'm 100% up for a spoiler-filled Infinity War discussion!

  8. I’m so sorry to hear about little dude. It’s so frustrating when the school don’t seem to know how to deal with children who might need a little bit of care. We just went through that our teenager. It’s awful. I hope they get it straightened out for his sake. Hope you this a better week for him and you.

  9. This is going to sound funny, but I had to pop over here because I saw your comment on another blog and saw that you spell your name Nicci. I spelled it that way too (though now I usually go by Nicole), and you don't see it very often.

    I can also relate to your troubles with your son. When my oldest was little, we had similar issues. She's now taking Calculus at the local community college as a sophomore in high school. Some gifted kids exhibit similar behaviors to ADHD---they often sort of go hand in hand. Trust your instincts and don't let the school push you into anything you don't feel comfortable with.

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    1. Thank you Nicole!

      Lol, the Nicci spelling. It's not overly common to spell it this way, is it? My 'Nicci' is spelt this way mostly because back home (in Scotland) I'm referred to as Nic but when I moved to the SW of England a girl called Nic isn't all that common and I ended up being dubbed Nicci and this felt the most natural way to spell it! :)

  10. Sorry I am so late coming to visit! The joys of parenting too! SUch a busy season with all my kids activities. Sorry to hear your car broke down again! That can be frustrating and stressful. And Sorry to hear about the struggles your son is facing. I have 2 nephews and 1 niece that are ADHD and I am myself. I went undiagnosed until very recently. I always say that labels can be hurtful and stigmatizing but sometimes they also help you in finding your "tribe" of people to whom you can relate to, learn from and support each other. Finally knowing what I had learning about it help me immensely understand myself and others. I coach soccer and knowing some kids had ADD or ADHD help me coach them better. Hope you find your own strategies and what works for you are your son soon. Best of luck to you both! hugs xoxo

  11. Lovely share, I infinity war did well, I haven't watched that, ant man, or the unfortunate series of events on Netflix. I have heard of all though

  12. oh yeah I know exactly what was disturbing about King! I was torn about that book too SO GOOD if it wasn't for that scene! I still haven't review it because I din;t know what to do with it! LOL