Thursday, 22 February 2018

Review: The Four Horsemen - Guardians by LJ Swallow (Book Four)

Assassins, ancient magic, and the mysterious Collector bring new challenges to the Horsemen. Can the five find the answers they need before it's too late?

Three humans are dead, and the search is on for the surviving member from Vee's online group. If he's alive, Seth could hold the key to who's behind the attacks -- and why the group are targets.

Thanks to their broken alliance with the fae, the Four Horseman and Vee must turn to others for help and are pulled deeper into the supernatural underworld. The danger the world faces is greater than they imagined and someone is determined the Horsemen will fail.

The Four Horsemen will each do whatever it takes to protect Vee, but as Vee's relationship with the guys intensifies, so does her power. How powerful can she become and at what cost to the Four Horsemen's future?

*Kindle Unlimited*


Short novel.
(aka longer than a novella but not as long as a 'typical' novel)

First-person, alternating POV


The novels in this series build on each other, they don't stand alone in any way.

Kind of. 
The book doesn't leave you dangling on the edge of your seat but the ending feels like the end of a chapter, not the end of a book.

Book four in an Urban Fantasy series.

No... But the series is reverse harem so the central relationship is polyamorous. 

No, but as I said, it's a multi-person relationship.
1 girl + 4 men = reverse harem!

Yes, a little.

Picking up where Hunted left off, Guardians provides a quick, action packed read that really moves the Four Horsemen series forward. 
This is GREAT because, even though I'm still enjoying the series, I'm starting to lose my shizzle with the constant plot thickening without any bloody answers or resolution.
I mean, these guys are supposed to save the world yet they're coming across as barely capable of untangling the knot in their shoelace! 
The general confusion and incompetence is beyond frustrating. 
The book presents some interesting new characters, strengthens, and strains, Vee's relationship with her men and ends in a nice little cliffhanger.
Yeay! 🙄

Oh, and I hate Seth. 
He's creepy and weird and should have been eaten by the vampire.
Yes, I realise this doesn't make sense unless you've read it but still... Needed to be said. 
I really hate Seth.

I really like the cover! It's eye-catching but simple.


  1. Anytime I see a book with the Four Horsemen I want to read it so thanks for putting this one on my radar. This sounds pretty good.

    1. It's a longlish series and each of the books bleed into each other but I'm enjoying it enough to keep reading!

  2. Yeah, too bad the series seems to have stalled out for you. And, I totally get the therapeutic value of wishing an annoying character is eaten by a vampire. :) Hopefully the next one will pick up the pace for you.

  3. Short novel, I like that, cos yes some are not a novella, but not really that long either