Sunday, 25 February 2018

February Round Up!

Woohoo! February is almost at an end and spring is coming! I'm so excited for spring. It's not my favourite season, by a long shot, but seeing those daffodil shoots spring up alongside the snowdrops fills me with happiness that the cold and dark will soon be over!

This post is going to be a long one as it's a monthly re-cap, but from now on I think I'll join in weekly... Much more manageable that way!


This month started off pretty rubbish as the professor's car was rear-ended by an aggregate lorry. 
Long story short, the professor is fine, his car is a write-off, and the lorry didn't have so much as a scratch.
Go figure.
We're still dealing with the insurance companies, and the professor has just disappeared to the States - work - for the next week, so God only knows when everything will be straightened out (and a new car sorted) but at least no one was hurt!

We're still in an annoying holding pattern with regards to the house buying. It's a new build and we have no confirmed handover date beyond 'late spring'. 
I just want to move, already!
I'm so ready to give up renting and to live in my own house.

Lets see, what else has happened this month...
The little dude and I went to see The Greatest Showman and thought it was fantastic.
I also saw Blank Panther, which I enjoyed, and now I'm super excited for Infinity War!

Yesterday, we went Dinosaur hunting on the Jurrasic Coast and then spent a lovely afternoon wandering around Dorchester and visiting some of its museums, including visiting 'Dippy on tour!'


I've had a slow reading month, this month. Only 5 and most were short novels or novellas! 
I also had 1 DNF.

Satan's Spawn by K.J. Dahlen


OMG, this was bad. Hideously bad. 
Inconsistent characters, paper-thin story, and BADLY in need of an editor.

Strawberries at Wimbledon by Nikki Moore

This was a nice, feel good, summary novella. 
I haven't written a review yet, but I will. 

Dirty English by Isla Madden-Mills

I haven't written a review yet, but this one was pretty good!

Rough Ride by Kristen Ashley

I was so disappointed by this... It wasn't a bad novella but just not up to expectations.

Four  Horsemen: Chaos by LJ Swallow

This is part of a serial, urban fantasy, reverse harem series. 

Four Horsemen: Guardians by LJ Swallow

Buying, as per my book buying embargo, has been minimal. 

Scarred: The Complete Series by Kylie Walker
(Only cost 0.99 and was paid from my gift card balance.)

Some Kind of Wonderful by Giovanna Fletcher
(0.99 from the gift card balance)

Mistaken by Talia Ellison

Rough Ride by Kristen Ashley
(2.99 from the gift card balance)

From Lukov with Love by Marianna Zapata
(Kindle Unlimited)

Satan's Spawn by K.J. Dahlen
(Kindle Unlimited)

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Coming Up Next Week

Next week, I'll be taking part in the release blitz for Hawkyn by Larissa Ione and my March giveaway will also go live!
Beyond that, I'll be catching up on some reviews as I have about a dozen to write including some from last year! I may have a cull and decide to not write reviews from last year but the plan, at the moment, is to catch up.


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  1. Glad that no one was hurt but too bad about the car. I don't think we would even have a spring in Dubai this year and we will directly move from Winter to summer. It has started to heat up already.

    Gayathri @ Elgee Writes

    1. I wish it'd heat up here! They're predicting snow this week.

  2. Sorry you got rear ended. I have done it and have it happen to me. Glad everyone is ok. Winter is weird here in PA. Have a good week reading! You have some amazing books this week.

    Mary #SundayRoundup #7

    1. Thanks Mary, hope you have a good week also.

  3. Sorry about the car accident but you're right, glad no one was hurt. I so understand wanting to move, I really do. I'm taking my frustrations out of living in this apartment complex by writing a weekly post about what happens around here. lol

    1. Lol, I like your 'Apartment Hell' weekly.

  4. Sorry to hear about the rear ending! Darn lorries! Glad it wasn't serious though in terms of injury. The dino hunting and museum going sounds fun. :)

    I'm ready for spring too! Hope you have a great reading week.

  5. Sorry about the car. I’m glad nobody was hurt. The museum looks awesome, and dinosaurs are always interesting to learn about.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. My little boy has always been a space nut so it's nice that he's starting to branch out!

  6. The museum looks like fun. I understand what it's like wanting to be able to be in your house already. It's a piece of mind and freedom having your own space. Have a great week!

  7. I hope the moving day comes sooner rather than later. Waiting can become very hard.

    Meanwhile, enjoy those tempting books...and thanks for visiting my blog.

  8. I haven't heard of any of thse, but I'll certainly have to check them out

  9. I can't wait to read From Lukov With Love after loving The Wall of Winnipeg and Me! I also want to read the new Kristen Ashley. Enjoy your books! :)

    1. OMG! I finished it a couple of days ago and can't get it out of my head. It was AMAZING! My favourite Mariana Zapata to date.

  10. Aww I loved Rough Rider, sorry you didn't too!

    Good luck with the move if you finally do :)

    1. I just wanted so much more! SO excited to read Hound and Keeley's book though!

  11. i am so sorry you were rear ended. I am glad no one was hurt. I am ready for spring to come here also. I

    1. I fear the slow march towards spring has been halted, we've just been hit with a load of snow! As in now work, no school, snow day level of snow.

  12. Oh my word! Thankfully, I've never had a read-end that totaled a car. I hope you are able to get it all sorted out when he gets back.

  13. We enjoyed Black Panther and that Dinosaur adventure looks fun!

    I hope you can get the car stuff sorted out. That's frustrating.

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

  14. I remember really enjoying Dirty English, but can't quite remember what it was about :) Good luck with the car and dealing with insurance. That sounds like a nightmare, but glad that everyone is okay!

  15. I am moving in my new apartment this Spring too! I hope everything will get solved quickly and that you will get a new car, but the good part is that everyone is okay.

    Enjoy your Spring!