Saturday, 27 January 2018

Kindle Unlimited and the Book Buying embargo.

Anybody use Kindle Unlimited? 
Do you find it useful? 
Value for money? 
See, I'm now on my second stint of KU membership, but I'm not convinced it's worth it for I don't feel I use it that much. 
However, I decided to do some maths. 

During Kindle Unlimited Stint 1, I had it for nine months and read a grand total of twenty-one books. 
Now, I'm not a mathematician, but: 

9 x £7.99 = £71.91. 
21 x £2.99 = £80.73. 

I actually saved money using KU. 
This shocked me. 

Now, I know that the £2.99 is a bit generous on the book prices, for many of the KU books were only 99p but I'm still appeased over the cost/benefit profile of it, even if it didn't seem like I was saving at the time. 

I decided to look at the numbers from Stint 2, which began in October. They are as follows: 
4 months 
6 books 

4x £7.99 = £31.96 
6x £2.99 = 17.94 

The past four months, I'd have been waaay better off just buying the books. 
I am less appeased. 
I am not going to cancel. 

I'm going to set myself a challenge. 
You see, I'm buying a house this year - should move around late Spring - and therefore I'm penny-pinching like crazy but I still have a book habit to feed. 
£7.99 a month seems like a good book budget... 
So, I'm going to see if I can make KU REALLY work for me. 

These are my rules between now and the end of Summer (i.e. when I'll have moved and settled into my new house.) 

Number One: 
NO BUYING BOOKS outwith the current giftcard balance on my amazon account. 

There are some books that are not - and never will be - available on KU and I need them. 
For example, Kate Daniels book 10! 
Therefore this allowance seems reasonable. 
Considering I have £55 left over from Christmas, I should hopefully, maybe, be okay until September... 
If I'm super mean to myself. 
And I will be because, house! 

Number Two: 
Explore as many new authors on KU as I possibly can. 

KU is a great opportunity to seek new favourites. 
To try new styles and new genres... 
There are entire series of books available on KU and how awesome a book binge would it be to start one and 1-click yourself silly as you tear through them all without worrying about your bank balance? 
Not being 'allowed' to turn to my go-to authors has the potential to open up whole new worlds and that's exciting! 

It's also comforting to know some of my go-to authors also, occasionally, put a book or two on KU so hopefully, I won't miss out too much. 

Number Three: 
I am allowed to 1-click FREE books. 

It'd be rude not to if there is a really good sounding one and it isn't detrimental to the house buying, penny-pinching, agenda... Much. Unless it's the first book in a series, and it's awesome, and I need the next one immediately. 
In this case, I'll probably cry and then look at pictures of my house-to-be to try console (*cough* control) myself. 
Maybe, if I'm super lucky, any potential follow-on books will be available on KU... 

Number Four: 
If KU fails, work through the HUGE pile of books I own but have never read. 

I've written about this before... There are hundreds. Literally hundreds... I feel shame. 


It's going to be super challenging to stick to this, and I don't have much willpower, so, wish me luck?! 
I'll try and remember to update on my progress.


  1. I had a subscription to KU for a little over a year, and I read tons of books that way. It was very economical for me, because I read 5-6 books a week. I found so many lovely new authors, however, I was NOT reading any of my own books, so I did cancel. Good luck with your quest to buy less.

  2. I've looked hard at signing up for KU a few times, but I knew that I wouldn't get my money's worth b/c I still read books I already have, library books, and review books. I would really only consider it if someday I catch up on what I own (not likely, LOL) and/or no longer take review books because then I'd read enough KU to make it worth it.

    Your rules for using it are good ones and your reason (house) is a strong motivator so I'm cheering you on. :)

    1. Thanks! I need cheering on... I also need someone to whack me with a big stick when I fall off the wagon, lol.

  3. I've gone back and forth on KU and finally decided against it. I have sooo many books on my shelves and sooo many books on my KIndle and if I got KU I'd want to "get my money's worth" so I would read those and ignore all the lovely books I have. *sigh* I hope this next stint works to your advantage. And hooray for the (upcoming) new home purchase!

    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books

  4. I tried KU but I just kept forgetting to look and get books on it. I have WAAAAAAY too many books on my Kindle as it is, it just didn't make sense for me. Especially with all the sale/cheap reads out there I buy to fill in my review books. Good luck on balancing the budget and figuring out what's best for you!!

  5. I've never used Kindle Unlimited.

    1. I'm hopeful it'll work for me... At least for a little while!

  6. I signed up for KU last year during Prime Days so it was 40% off. I use it quite a but but I'm positive it isn't worth FULL price for me. As of last year - you could renew it for the Prime Days price so I'll have to take a look this year. I started keeping track of my KU books as well.

    I think if I cna't get it at the discount I won't keep it.

    With Prime you also get a selection of books to read for free each month so I'm going to try to take better advantage of that as well.

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

    1. Oooh, I didn't know there was a selection of free books with Prime. I wonder if that applies to UK members too? I'll check it out!

  7. I have considered it, but between all the review books I get and my library books, I just dont have time to do anymore reading, so I know it wouldn’t pay off for me. Have you checked your library? There are lots of apps and you can get ebooks and audiboooks online without having to go to your library. Save!

    1. I go to the library and find tons of books for my son but struggle for myself. Although, I'll definitely be putting more effort into it now I'm clamping down on the buying! :)

  8. You know, I've always just said "no" to KU because um, like you, I have hundreds of books already that I need to read. But I appreciate you doing the maths for me because although your second stint hasn't been worth it *yet*, it's nice to see it worked out like that. Good luck with the new house and your new book buying rules. You can do it! :)

  9. Wow. I actually not thinking of availing because I still have a lot in my list right now that needs my attention, hehe. But goodluck for KU and on your new house :)

    Vanessa @ Blushing Geek

    1. Thanks Vanessa! I need the luck on both fronts!