Saturday, 27 January 2018

Kindle Unlimited and the Book Buying embargo.

Anybody use Kindle Unlimited? 
Do you find it useful? 
Value for money? 
See, I'm now on my second stint of KU membership, but I'm not convinced it's worth it for I don't feel I use it that much. 
However, I decided to do some maths. 

During Kindle Unlimited Stint 1, I had it for nine months and read a grand total of twenty-one books. 
Now, I'm not a mathematician, but: 

9 x £7.99 = £71.91. 
21 x £2.99 = £80.73. 

I actually saved money using KU. 
This shocked me. 

Now, I know that the £2.99 is a bit generous on the book prices, for many of the KU books were only 99p but I'm still appeased over the cost/benefit profile of it, even if it didn't seem like I was saving at the time. 

I decided to look at the numbers from Stint 2, which began in October. They are as follows: 
4 months 
6 books 

4x £7.99 = £31.96 
6x £2.99 = 17.94 

The past four months, I'd have been waaay better off just buying the books. 
I am less appeased. 
I am not going to cancel. 

I'm going to set myself a challenge. 
You see, I'm buying a house this year - should move around late Spring - and therefore I'm penny-pinching like crazy but I still have a book habit to feed. 
£7.99 a month seems like a good book budget... 
So, I'm going to see if I can make KU REALLY work for me. 

These are my rules between now and the end of Summer (i.e. when I'll have moved and settled into my new house.) 

Number One: 
NO BUYING BOOKS outwith the current giftcard balance on my amazon account. 

There are some books that are not - and never will be - available on KU and I need them. 
For example, Kate Daniels book 10! 
Therefore this allowance seems reasonable. 
Considering I have £55 left over from Christmas, I should hopefully, maybe, be okay until September... 
If I'm super mean to myself. 
And I will be because, house! 

Number Two: 
Explore as many new authors on KU as I possibly can. 

KU is a great opportunity to seek new favourites. 
To try new styles and new genres... 
There are entire series of books available on KU and how awesome a book binge would it be to start one and 1-click yourself silly as you tear through them all without worrying about your bank balance? 
Not being 'allowed' to turn to my go-to authors has the potential to open up whole new worlds and that's exciting! 

It's also comforting to know some of my go-to authors also, occasionally, put a book or two on KU so hopefully, I won't miss out too much. 

Number Three: 
I am allowed to 1-click FREE books. 

It'd be rude not to if there is a really good sounding one and it isn't detrimental to the house buying, penny-pinching, agenda... Much. Unless it's the first book in a series, and it's awesome, and I need the next one immediately. 
In this case, I'll probably cry and then look at pictures of my house-to-be to try console (*cough* control) myself. 
Maybe, if I'm super lucky, any potential follow-on books will be available on KU... 

Number Four: 
If KU fails, work through the HUGE pile of books I own but have never read. 

I've written about this before... There are hundreds. Literally hundreds... I feel shame. 


It's going to be super challenging to stick to this, and I don't have much willpower, so, wish me luck?! 
I'll try and remember to update on my progress.

Monday, 22 January 2018

Review: The Truth About Porn Star Boyfriends by Sunniva Dee

I guess I just forgot.
To ask him what he did for a living, I mean.
And by the time I did, I was in—balls deep, as he’d call it.
He was the perfect boyfriend.
Attentive, gorgeous, guessing my every wish and fulfilling them.
The sex was earth-shattering.
He even dealt with my crazy mom the way no one else could.
He popped the question, God, such a perfect guy.
There was just one issue:
He f*cked other girls on camera for a living.
How the hell do you deal with that?


Full-length novel

First Person



That's... That's a very interesting question!
It's actually quite a debated topic in the book.
However, I'd say if sticking your dick in a woman who isn't your girlfriend, without your girlfriend's knowledge and agreement for you to do so, then yes. 


This was interesting.
The blurb makes it clear what you're getting when you read this book so there were no surprises.
I wasn't convinced it was going to be my kind of book, in fact a huge part of me really didn't want to read it because, RAGE, but these two lines of the blurb got me:

He fucked other girls on camera for a living.

How the hell do you deal with that?

I REALLY wanted to know how the hell someone dealt with that so I read the book.
And I'm glad I did.

The characters were likeable.
It was surprisingly funny.
As you'd imagine, the sex content is pretty high and the talk about sex is even higher, but it didn't feel like overkill.
Despite everything, I was rooting for the happy ever after.

Was it easy to read?
In fact, by the time the crash came, I was so invested in the pair (despite knowing better!) that it made me so sad for them... 
Watching them try and work it out was slightly torturous because you want to understand. You want to be matter-of-fact about it. You want to simultaneously kick him in the balls and climb all over him screaming mine.
It's frustrating. It's squicky. It's sweet. It's sad.
It's a journey.

Do I recommend it?
I don't know.
Am I glad I read it?
Actually, yes.

I quite like this cover. 
It's very dignified considering the topic of the book!


“You can spend however much time you want trying to sway people’s opinions or feelings about you, but really, it comes down to them. People have a right to love you. To hate you. Feel however the hell they want about you. But when it comes down to it, it’s all about you and how you react to them.” 


Sunday, 21 January 2018

Review: Madd Ink by Dani Rene

The Dirty Bits from Carina Press give you what you want, when you want it. Designed to be read in an hour or two, these sex-filled micro-romances are guaranteed to pack a punch and deliver a happily ever after.

Detective Slade Maddox doesn't let the same woman warm his bed twice. Get it in and then get out.

But Ryn Callan is something else. The way her breath catches in her throat, the way she stares at his chest, and not just because of his ink. The goose bumps on her skin when he leans in close.

Her incredible response to his every touch.

Ryn's meant to be his, and Slade wants nothing more than to spend the rest of his life showing her just how satisfying it can be to let go.

* *Review copy received via NetGalley*


Short Novella
(Around 12,000 words)

Alternating First Person.



What I Thought: I requested this from NetGalley as I was looking for something short, sexy and simple to read. 
It ticked all the boxes but... It wasn't all that satisfying, to be honest. 
Too much was crammed into the story. 
Let's be perfectly honest, if I'm reading a 12,000 word erotica, I'm looking for a decadent dessert. A wonderful, sexy story in which the HEA is optional as long as things end nicely. 
The story is made, or broken, on the chemistry of the leads not their romantic journey and unfortunately, in this story, I felt that the chemistry was forced and the sexy times were, well, bland.

I actually liked the characters. 
I liked where the story could have gone if it was a longer novella, or, better yet, a full-length novel and I'd be willing to read more from the author in future.

Nice and simple... I like it. Can't really go wrong with an attractive man and some tattoos, right?

Friday, 12 January 2018

Book Blogger Hop: What upcoming titles are looking forward to reading in 2018?

Following on from last weeks post on my top five books of 2017, I follow it up with the next semi-obligitory blog post of a new year; what books I'm looking forward to this year! 

This week's Book Blogger Hop question - "What upcoming titles are looking forward to reading in 2018?" - is a nice little prompt for me to do that. 

Most books I'm looking forward to in 2018 are continuations of existing book series. I think the reason for this is that I actively track my favourite series, desperate to get my hands on the next one, whereas with standalones I don't tend to know they exist until they approach release and start cropping up randomly on my radar. 

Therefore, the books I'm most looking forward to in 2018 - at present - are: 

February 2018 

I'm ever so slightly enraged that the Chaos series is returning in the form of a novella - Snapper and Rosalie deserve so much more!!! - but I'm stupidly excited for it all the same! 

March 2018 

Book 5 in the Alpha and Omega series! 
I love Anna and Charles! 
This is a fantastic Urban Fantasy series. 

April 2018 

The BDB! It's becoming an example of the series that never ends but I don't care cause it's awesome! 

May 2018

The conclusion to the Kate Daniels series! 😭 
I don't want this series to end but I'm desperate to get my hands on this book! 

May 2018 

The continuation of ACOWAR series! 
It's only a novella but from what I understand it kicks off the next story arc in this series and I'm really excited to catch up with old favourites and to see what fate has in store from them next. 

Fall 2018 

I'm gutted that this book got pushed back from May! 
After the stonker of a cliffhander at the end of Empire of Storms it's beyond cruel to make us wait until fall for the conclusion to this breath-taking series! 
However, I understand the author's reasons, family is more important than anything, and I'm sure the year will fly-by and I'll have it in my grubby little mitts before I know it! 

December 2018 

Finally! The last installment in The Dark Artifices trilogy. 
Once I have this in my hands I can finally read the first two parts sitting on my shelf for I haven't been able to bring myself to do it until now. I hate the nail biting wait in between them so I wait and then I binge. 


I'm sure there are so many I've missed but I'll pick them up as I go on my way. 
Happy reading! 

To view the linky list of this weeks Hop participants, please visit The Coffee Addicted Writer.