Sunday, 10 November 2019

Weekly Update #85

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer
It’s a chance to share News. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and share news about what is coming up for the week on our blog.

Now that's explained, it's on to my weekly recap!

Guys, it's official. I have officially, officially, lost my blogging mojo.
I'm just so tired!
I got one post up this week. One. And that was because it was already scheduled.
It'll probably be the same this coming week (because it's scheduled) and while I want to try and get the draft posts finished and posted, I'm sitting here writing this exhausted (despite waking up only a couple of hours ago) and having to admit a temporary defeat.
My body (and thus my brain) is a wee bit broken at the moment so I need to focus the energy I have on family and the job that pays the bills.

I have a few events this week that are going to take a lot out of me with the way I'm feeling - but I really want to go to them - so I'm going to have to dig deep this week... It's a fine line with my level of CFS between pushing myself just enough and pushing myself too far and paying for it in a big way.

So yeah...
That's a rambling way of saying that I'm going to take this week to just read and nap and try and pick myself up off the floor and not do any blogging. 
I will be visiting and reading posts but I'll probably work my way around everyone slowly as my brain is working at the speed of a slug and my personality, at present, is about as charming...

£1.99 Sale - Protect The Prince by Jennifer Estep
99p Sale - We Met In December by Rosie Curtis and Royally Yours by Emma Chase
Freebie - Mate Finder by Leia Stone

Dragon's Lair by Chantel Fernando


The mood for some MC bad boys struck last week so I read this one that'd been on the kindle for a while and really enjoyed it. 

The Big Bang Theory rewatch continues!
We're on S9 now and therefore back in territory I remember clearly... It's still funny though. 

Bookish Memes: Autumn Vibes, Druid Vices and Reading Quirks

Bookish Memes: Bookmarks, Book Lunches & Heirs of Chicagoland

(I'm not this bad. Honest.)

Have a great week all!

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Autumn Vibes, Druid Vices and Reading Quirks

I love participating in weekly bookish memes, answering questions and making lists, but sometimes the answers are not enough to make a decent post... On their own!
So, on those weeks, I'll be combining rather than skipping!

The meme graphics below link back to the hosts with the weekly topics if you'd like to join!


This week's topic is books that give off Autumn vibes... 

I gravitate towards urban fantasy more than usual at this time of year but I wouldn't say they particularly give me autumn vibes.
However, there are a few others that spring to mind as giving me autumn feels and they are: 

Gothic Novels

Wuthering Heights, Dracula and Jane Eyre in particular.  
With their dramatic landscapes, passionate love affairs, darkness, and death, it feels wrong to read them in the spring and summer but autumn? Oh yes... Autumn works.

Harry Potter

September rides on the Hogwarts express, marvellous Halloween feasts and all the magic and general witchery... How could Harry Potter be associated with any season other than autumn?


But that's all I've got! 
What about you? What gives you autumn vibes?

It doesn't release until January but I'm already crazy psycho excited to get my hands on it!

Book 6 in my beloved Guild Codex: Spellbound series!
Isn't it pretty?! And it sounds freakin' fantastic! The Druid is back!!!!

I've said it before, but sometimes I'm a bad person. I cheated on my twelfth-grade math final, I've run countless yellow lights, and I gossip about how hot my kickass best friends are. (Good thing my job as a guild bartender doesn't require moral perfection.)

But there's bad, and then there's bad. And I'm not sure which applies to a certain dark druid/wanted criminal/reluctant friend of mine. His transgressions include black-magic dealings, kidnapping, and murder, and he's about to add "revenge-fueled killing spree" to his resume—if I don't stop him.

Should I stop him?

He and his nemesis are gearing up to tear each other apart, rogues and vultures are converging with their sights on the spoils, and the guilds that would normally stomp them into the ground are under attack. We're on the brink of an all-out criminal turf war, and my time to decide is almost up.

Who's the real bad guy ... and do I dare stand in his way?

Whatcha think? What are you excited for this week?

This week on the book blogger hop, Elizabeth asks, "Can you stop reading before the end of a chapter?"

My answer is simple: Yes. Yes, I can. 
Do I like having to stop before the end of a chapter? No.
However, I'm pretty good at remembering what was going on in a book so stopping and starting reading at strange places doesn't bother me too much. 

What about you? Can you stop?

Sunday, 3 November 2019

Weekly Update #84

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer
It’s a chance to share News. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and share news about what is coming up for the week on our blog.

Now that's explained, it's on to my weekly recap!

I had a week off work!
I still didn't have the energy to internet much nor did I have much brain space for reading but I had a week to catch up on household stuff and chores as well as some day trips and family fun (as my mum was still visiting) so it was an okay week.

We visited the Tower of London on Monday as my mum has never visited and had always wanted to. We took her to Leicester Square for dinner and - as usual for a visit to Leicester Square - we ended up in the big Lego shop getting fleeced for a small fortune on Lego bits and the M&M shop getting fleeced over candy. 🙄
We also spent a day (well, half a day) in Burley in the New Forest which is a little village that has a whole witchy vibe going on that's perfect for Halloween.
Then on Thursday we went Trick or Treating before going to a friend's Halloween party which was a lot of fun... Oh! And on Friday we went 10-pin bowling and out to dinner because it's my birthday on Monday. 🙂

My mum went home yesterday and today I plan on being a lazy little slug and just relaxing in-between loads of laundry! I'd like to get some reading done for the Read a Series In a Month challenge and write some blog posts!


Damage is part two of the Collateral Damage duet and after finishing Collateral last week I needed to finish it... My brain wouldn't allow anything else.

Sealed With a Curse is book one in Cecy Robson's Weird Girls series and I like the sound of it!


It's been a while since I read some PNR so I grabbed this freebie after seeing it reviewed (can't remember what blog to link it... Sorry!)


Book one - Collateral - ended on a cliffhanger so I needed to find out what happened next and finish the duet... But what a waste of reading time and money. It was awful. Book One wasn't great but book two was ridiculous.

The Spooktacular Giveaway Hop ended and it was one of our own (KindleMom @ My Guilty Obsession) who won it! First time that's happened for one of my giveaways! I was very excited, lol.

This week I watched The Witches and Hocus Pocus because Halloween insisted.

We also binge-watched the first season of Glitch on Netflix which was weird...
7 people who'd been dead for varying amounts of time come back from the dead in perfect health. How? Who knows. Why? Who knows!
The first season was six episodes long and was oddly addicting as you got to know the people but gave you zero answers for any questions!

Reading Challenges: October's Round-Up!
Blitz: Slaying Monsters For The Feeble by Annette Marie
Audio Blitz: The Journals of Octavia Hollows by Stacey Rourke

Family Adventures!
Review: Red Winter by Annette Marie
All the Memes: Autumn Vibes, Druid Vices & Reading Quirks.
Fit Readers: November Goals

Have a great week all!

Saturday, 2 November 2019

October Reading Challenge Update

October was a busy month.
In addition to working towards my year-long challenges, I also took part in Fraterfest (even though it was a bit of a disaster), October Blog Ahead (which resulted in 10 scheduled posts, not 31) and the Get Your Shit Together challenge (I definitely failed to get my shit together).

I feel like for most of the month I struggled to stay on top of things and ran from one fire to another but I still managed to read/listen to 8 books so I guess it wasn't a complete bust!

My favourite book of the month was Slaying Monster For The Feeble and my least favourite was Damage by Natasha Knight.


This year, I signed up for  4 reading challenges (not including the Goodreads Challenge) and 1 blogging challenge.

Details of them can be found in my 2019 Reading Challenge sign up post.

This month I have made progress as follows...

The Goal was to 10-12 books this year featuring royalty.

I read 1 'Royal' themed book last month, so my total goes to 9!

I'm almost finished with this one! I have the final book in the Paranormal PI Files to read and that'll wrap the challenge up nicely... And I may even exceed it! I have other Royal books I want to read before the year is out.

My blog challenge... Each month a prompt is given and the goal is to write a blog post that fits it. 
No change.
I haven't posted anything for any of the prompts.

My aim for this one was to read 10-15 books featuring bad boys... 
In October, I read 2 bringing the total to 4!

I still need to read more bad boys but I made progress so I'm happy!
Just wish the books had been better...

This reading challenge is aimed at reading books published before 2019 and getting them off your backlist/TBR/wishlist... This year, I'm hoping to read 60 books from the backlist.

For October, I read 1 book from the backlist.

My total for the year goes to 39.

I may or may not hit 60 by the end of December but regardless I'll be happy for I've read a lot of backlist books this year and I'll be reading more before the year is out! My Read A Series In A Month selection for November is all backlist and if I succeed that'll be an additional 7! So yeah... Happy.

I was originally aiming for 5 audiobooks this year. Because I was beastin' it, I raised the total to 'Weekend Warrior' which is 5-10 books.

In October, I finished 1 audiobook so my total goes to 9.

I upped my original target from 5 to 10 and honestly? I think I'm going to exceed 10 before the year is out! 


How are your challenges going this year?