Friday, 10 July 2020

Review: Lost Talismans and A Tequila by Annette Marie (Guild Codex: Spellbound #7)

*Minor spoilers ahead for this book, previous books and maybe a little of the Demonized books too.*

You know that squirmy sensation in your gut when you have no idea what you're doing and you're about to screw everything up?

Yeah, that feeling.

I thought I was a good judge of character, but recent events proved me very wrong. Now, in a brilliant demonstration of my newfound caution, I'm putting all my faith in a demon—a demon who's tried to kill me before. The squirmy feeling is making sense, right?

Unfortunately, I don't have any other options. Ezra's time is almost up, which means I need answers and I need them fast. So it's time to toughen up, pack my gear, and find me one of the most illegal, reviled, and scarce mythics out there: a demon-mage summoner.

And all I have to do is follow a demon's instructions on where to look. How could that go wrong?


First person, single pov.

Yes! You need to have read the rest of the Guild Codex: Spellbound books at a minimum but I'd also recommend reading Guild Codex: Demonized too as they cross over is major ways.

Surprisingly, no!
The story is obviously not complete - we've one book to go - and the events of this book are leading up to one hell of a finale but the book ends on a wonderful point that doesn't leave you a twitchingly anxious ball of going to die until the final book comes... It leaves you hopeful and excited!

I have no words and simultaneously too many words to describe how much I loved this book!
Holy forking shirtballs guys! The end is coming and it's going to be a-freakin-mazing!!! 
This book was amazing!
I just... I can't. I cannot describe the feelings!
Tori and Ezra are life! Ezra is utterly badass in this book! We get Ezra POV chapters!!!!
They finally admit they're in love!!!

After book three of the Demonized series (because the two series are super intertwined) I was worried that there wouldn't be a lot of Ezra in this book but there was!
There was lots of everyone! Aaron was on point, Kai was his sexy fierce self, Tori's brother Justin re-emerged and Kai's unwanted fiancee Makiko was helpful and badass too!
There was some Girard, Alister and Darius. Robin, Amalia and Zylas.
And demon-mages. Lots of demon-mages.

There are major reveals regarding "Claud", Enright, and the hydra-esqe infiltration of a demon fighting guild by the enemy!
The mastermind behind all the hinky goings-on in previous books from suped-up vamps to strange werewolves and golems that run on demon blood, is revealed!
Everything is coming together now and the only remaining question is how it all ends!
How is Annette Marie going to get our motley crew of beloved characters through what's to come and out the other side to a happy ever after?!
 I have no idea but I am here for whatever she has to throw at us.
It is going to be epic!

This series... It's full of humour, heart and magic. Wonderful, action-packed storylines. Slow-burning romance, friendships and characters that you will adore with every fibre of your being.
If this sounds appealing to you, you've got to read it! It gets better and better with each book and this book delivered in a major way.
Loved it!

The cover is amazing. I love the little details and how everything is tired into events in the book. My favourite of the series, so far anyway!


My thoughts on the other books in the series

Book 1: Three Mages and A Margarita
Book 2: Dark Arts and A Daiquiri
Book 3: Two Witches and A Whiskey
Book 4: Demon Magic and A Martini
Book 5: The Alchemist and An Amaretto 
Book 6: Druid Vices and A Vodka

Thursday, 9 July 2020

Mini Reviews: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through The Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll

Sorry, my graphics are mismatched! I made them (and wrote the mini-reviews) months apart after finishing each book. Oh well. 


On an ordinary summer's afternoon, Alice tumbles down a hole and an extraordinary adventure begins. In a strange world with even stranger characters, she meets a rabbit with a pocket watch, joins a Mad Hatter's Tea Party, and plays croquet with the Queen! Lost in this fantasy land, Alice finds herself growing more and more curious by the minute...

This is quite possibly the most random book I have ever read in my life. Call me old fashioned but I expect a book to have an actual point… A beginning, middle and end with highs and lows and varying pace but this book had none of that. There was no point whatsoever and I’m utterly befuddled on how it became a classic. It read like a freaking acid trip with Alice plodding along like an entitled brat from one random encounter to another. Nothing is explained, nothing seems to have a particular purpose… It’s like random word vomit jumping from one scene to the next.
It begins abruptly and it ends worse than the series finale of Lost.
However! I was bemused from beginning to end and actually laughed out loud a few times.

If I’d been reading this book instead of listening to the audio, I’d have struggled to get through it but listening to it in the car to and from work was not a chore for Miriam Margolyes' narration was absolutely superb! She was animated and really breathed life into the characters giving each their own accents and inflections and varying her tone and pace to suit the story.
Her narration generated a sense of enthusiasm for the text that I feel I wouldn’t have managed to conjure up on my own so I highly recommend listening to it if you fancy falling down a rabbit hole!


When Alice steps through the looking-glass, she enters a very strange world of chess pieces and nursery rhyme characters such as Humpty Dumpty, Tweedledee and Tweedledum and the angry Red Queen. Nothing is what it seems and, in fact, through the looking-glass, everything is distorted...

Through The Looking Glass: And What Alice Found There is every bit as nonsensical, whimsical and ridiculous as the first book. The only difference is that Alice steps through a mirror into a random world rather than falling down a rabbit hole. 
It was pointless, slightly annoying, and had me questioning why the hell Alice is a literary classic. 
It was definitely something conjured up during an opium binge and probably only truly likeable if you are likewise wasted. 
It was less funny and entertaining than the first and, once again, it was only Miriam Margolyes' narration that saved the tale and prevented it from being a DNF. Her storytelling and plummy accent suit this story beautifully and she does a marvellous job of bringing the characters to life.

All in all, I cannot say I recommend but it's nice to have read the books and to have formed my own opinion on them!

Monday, 6 July 2020

TTT: Authors I've Read The Most Books By

This is surprisingly simple to answer.
 I read a lot of UF series and I used to read oodles of Paranormal Romance (which tend towards series of interconnected standalones) so when I look at my kindle and physical bookshelves the answers stare me straight in the face, no thought required!

Ilona Andrews

I have read everything this duo has published with the exception of the third and fourth books in the edge series which I'll get to eventually. That's over twenty-five books plus numerous novellas.

Annette Marie

I only started reading Annette Marie's books last year but I've binged my way through her back catalogue with one exception - The Spell Weaver series - which is on my TBR list... 
Off the top of my head, I've read about twenty books and two novellas so far.

Kim Harrison

The Hollows series is fourteen books long, there's a prequel novel (The Turn) and various novellas, all of which I've read. Plus, I read the Madison Avery YA series by the author and was pissed off when it got dropped at book three... It surprises me but I've read a lot of Kim Harrison!
Around eighteen to twenty books!

Sherrilyn Kenyon

The Dark-Hunter World books, the League books and her historical romances (written as Kinley MacGregor) bring the number of books I've read by Sherrilyn Kenyon somewhere into the forties... Wow. That's actually insane when I sit and think about it. Especially since it's been years since I read one!

Christine Feehan

I've read her Drake Sisters, some of the spin-off Sisters of The Heart series, the first Ghostwalker book and all but the last three Carpathian books. That brings my CF total to somewhere around thirty to thirty-five.

Richelle Mead

Vampire Academy is maybe an obvious one and I've also read the first few books of the Bloodlines series but my favourite Richelle Mead books are her adult UF/fantasy books. There's her Georgina Kincaid series (about a succubus) and her Dark Swan series (about a half-fae and which needs another book, damn it!)
Anyway... That's close to twenty books of Ms. Mead's I've read.

Jennifer L. Armentrout

Let's see... There's been the Lux series, the Covenant series, and The Dark Elements inhaled in full which amount to thirteen books and a couple of novellas (I think).
Then I've also read the first Titan book, Wait For You, the Arum standalone novel, Cursed, Frigid, The Gamble Brothers trilogy... That weird one she wrote about Nephilim that flopped... Yeah. 
Over twenty books from Ms Armentrout so far and I have about six others waiting for me to read on my kindle.

Abbi Glines

This one had me speechless! But, I can't deny the numbers. 
I've read about twenty books written by Abbi Glines.
I've read her Rosemary Beach series, the first few books in her Sea Breeze series, the Existence Trilogy, one of the Field Party books AND I have her Sweet series sitting on my kindle waiting to be read... I wouldn't have said I was a fan but I guess I am! The numbers don't lie, lol.

Katy Regnery

It's been a while since I read anything by Katy Regnery but when I totalled them up I'd read over twenty books again!
The English Brothers, The Winslow Brothers, The Rousseaus, four of the Modern Fairytales, Arrange Me, After We Break... And I own The Summerhaven series - plus a few others - so will probably read them at some point too.

Karen Chance

I'm pushing twenty for this author too when her two series and novellas are tallied up!

Some more notable mentions...

Rick Riordan - 14 books 
(So far! I've got both the Trials of Apollo and Magnus Chase waiting for me on my audible.)

Sarah J Maas - 12 books
I've almost read all her books... She just doesn't have as many published as some of the others, lol.

Cassandra Clare - 9 books
But I have four more on my bookshelf waiting for me and Tales From Shadowhunter Academy novellas on my kindle.

Ginger Scott - 12(ish) books
With more on my kindle waiting to be read...

Kylie Scott - 12(ish) books
With more to be read...


Any of these on your list?