This TBR list isn't just books I'd want to read, this TBR list is the books I want to read and the books I own and haven't read yet... It's long. There are reasons. If you're interested in the reasons, I wrote a blog post about it. 😊

πŸ“’ - Own ebook
πŸ“• - Own Paperback / hardback
πŸ“— - Want to read, do not own (yet!)

πŸ“’ A.L. Jackson - A Stone In The Sea
πŸ“’ A.L. Jackson - Lost to You
πŸ“’ A.L. Jackson - Take this Regret
πŸ“’ A.L. Jackson - The Regret Series Complete Collection Box Set
πŸ“’ A.L. Wood - First Chance
πŸ“’ A.O. Peart - Almost Matched
πŸ“’ A. Meredith Walters - Desperate Chances
πŸ“’ Abbi Glines - Under The Lights (Field Party Series)
πŸ“’ Abby Clements - Meet Me Under the Mistletoe
πŸ“’ Adriane Leigh - The Morning After
πŸ“• Ali McNamara - From Notting Hill with Love Actually
πŸ“— Alessandra Torre - Love in Lingerie 
πŸ“’ Alexa Riley - Paying Daddy's Debt  (Read on 6th June 2017)
πŸ“’ Anna Katmore - Fairytale Kiss
πŸ“’ Anne Mercier - Falling Down
πŸ“’ Anne Gracie - Bride by Mistake
πŸ“• Anouska Knight - A Part of Me
πŸ“’ Ashelyn Drake - Campus Crush
πŸ“’ Autumn Doughton - I'll Be Here
πŸ“’ B N Toler - Where One Goes
πŸ“’ Barbara Lohr - Finding Southern Comfort
πŸ“’ Bella Forrest - A Shade of Vampire
πŸ“’ Beverley Kendall - All Over You
πŸ“’ Caisey Quinn - Keep Me Still
πŸ“— Carla Burgess - Stuck With You
πŸ“• Cassandra Claire - Lady Midnight
πŸ“— Cassandra Claire - Lord of Shadows
πŸ“’ Catherine Gayle - Breakaway
πŸ“’ Claire Ashby - When You Make It Home
πŸ“’ Colleen Hoover - Confess
πŸ“’ Colleen Hoover - Maybe Someday
πŸ“’ Colleen Hoover - November 9
πŸ“’ Colleen Hoover - Too Late
πŸ“’ Colleen Hoover - Ugly Love
πŸ“’ Cora Carmack - Inspire
πŸ“’ Charisse Spiers - Sex Sessions: Uncut
πŸ“’ Cheryl Douglas - Strike Out
πŸ“— Christine Feehan - Dark Carousel 
πŸ“’ Debbie Johnson - Christmas at the Comfort Food Cafe
πŸ“’ Denise Grover Swank - The Substitute
πŸ“• Dode Smith - I Capture The Castle
πŸ“’ Eden Summers - Blind Attraction
πŸ“’ Ellery Rhodes - Always
πŸ“’ Ellery Rhodes - Never
πŸ“• Elizabeth Chadwick - The Greatest Knight
πŸ“’ Elisabeth Grace - Rumor Has It
πŸ“— Elle Kennedy - The Goal
πŸ“’ Ellie Grace - This Time Around
πŸ“’ Emily Snow - Lust Thy Neighbour
πŸ“• Emily Purdy - A Court Affair
πŸ“’ Emma Chase - Royally Screwed
πŸ“’ Emma Hart - Intercepted
πŸ“’ Emma Hart - Never Forget
πŸ“’ Erin McCarthy - You Make Me
πŸ“• Erin Morgenstern - The Night Circus
πŸ“• Gemma Fox - The Cinderella Moment
πŸ“’ Genevieve Jack - The Ghost and The Graveyard
πŸ“• Giovanna Fletcher - Always With Love
πŸ“• Giovanna Fletcher - Dream a Little Dream
πŸ“’ Heidi McLaughlin - Forever My Girl
πŸ“’ Helena Hunting et. al. - Felony Ever After (Read 13th June 2017)
πŸ“’ Helena Newbury - Punching and Kissing
πŸ“’ Heather C. Leigh - Relatively Famous
πŸ“’ Heather Lyons - The Lost Codex (The Collectors Society)
πŸ“’ Holly Martin - Christmas Under a Cranberry Sky
πŸ“’ Holly Martin - Christmas Under a Starlit Sky
πŸ“’ Holly Martin - Summer at Rose Island
πŸ“’ Ilona Andrews - Magic Dreams - Hexed Anthology   (Read June 23rd 2017)
πŸ“• Ilona Andres - Gunmetal Magic
πŸ“— Ilona Andrews - Magic Binds
πŸ“’ Ilona Andrews - Magic Bites  (Read June 17th 2017)
πŸ“• Ilona Andrews - Magic Bleeds (Read June 29th 2017)
πŸ“— Ilona Andrews - Magic Breaks
πŸ“’ Ilona Andrews - Magic Burns  (Read June 18th 2017)
πŸ“• Ilona Andrews - Magic Gifts
πŸ“’ Ilona Andrews - Magic Mourns - Must Love Hellhounds Anthology (Read 25th June 2017)
πŸ“— Ilona Andrews - Magic Rises
πŸ“— Ilona Andrews - Magic Shifts
πŸ“• Ilona Andrews - Magic Slays
πŸ“— Ilona Andrews - Magic Stars
πŸ“— Ilona Andrews - Magic Steals (Novella)
πŸ“’ Ilona Andrews - Magic Strikes (Read June 20th 2017)
πŸ“— Ilona Andrews - Magic Triumphs 
πŸ“’ Ilsa Madden-Mills - Fake FiancΓ©e
πŸ“’ JC Emery - Where Souls Spoil
πŸ“’ J. Daniels - When I Fall
πŸ“’ J. Lynn - Be With Me
πŸ“’ J. Lynn - Stay With Me
πŸ“’ JJ Knight - Fight for Her
πŸ“• JK Rowling et al. - Harry Potter and The Cursed Child
πŸ“• JR Ward - Covet
πŸ“• JR Ward - Blood Vow
πŸ“’ J. S. Cooper - Rhett
πŸ“’ J. S. Cooper - The Last Boyfriend
πŸ“’ J. Sterling - Dear Heart, I Hate You
πŸ“’ J. Sterling - No Bad Days
πŸ“’ Jade C. Jamison - Bullet
πŸ“’ Jaimie Admans - The Chateau of Happily-Ever-Afters
πŸ“’ Jane Harvey-Berrick - Lifers
πŸ“’ Jay Crownover - Riveted (A Saints of Denver novel)
πŸ“• Jeanne Kalogridis - Painting Mona Lisa 
πŸ“• Jenny Colgan - Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend
πŸ“• Jessie Burton - The Miniaturist 
πŸ“’ Jessie L. Star - So Much to Learn
πŸ“’ Jennifer Probst - Beyond Me: Sex on the Beach
πŸ“’ Jillian Dodd - Fame
πŸ“’ Jo Raven - Caveman
πŸ“’ Jodi Ellen Malpas - All I Am (Read 29th June 2017)
πŸ“• Josephine Angelini - Fire Walker
πŸ“• Josephine Angelini - Trial By Fire
πŸ“• Josephine Angelini - Witch's Pyre
πŸ“’ Jules Barnard - Hard Wood
πŸ“’ Julia Kent - Random Acts of Hope
πŸ“’ Julie Johnson - Not You It's Me
πŸ“’ Jus Accardo - Ruined
πŸ“’ K.A. Linde - Take Me for Granted
πŸ“’ Kalayna Price - Grave Price
πŸ“’ Kate Stewart - Room 212
πŸ“’ Katie McGarry - Red at Night
πŸ“• Kathy Lette - To Love, Honour and Betray
πŸ“’ Katy Evans - Ladies Man
πŸ“• Katy Fforde - A Perfect Proposal
πŸ“• Katy Fforde - A Summer at Sea
πŸ“’ Katy Regnery - Don't Speak (A Modern Fairytale)
πŸ“’ Katy Regnery - Ginger's Heart (A Modern Fairytale)
πŸ“—Katy Regnery - J.C. and the Bijoux Jolis
πŸ“—Katy Regnery - The Bohemian and the Businessman
πŸ“• Katie McAllister - Love in the Time of Dragons
πŸ“— Karen Chance - Reap The Wind
πŸ“— Karen Chance - Ride The Storm
πŸ“— Karen Chance - Tempt the Stars
πŸ“’ Karina Halle - The Offer
πŸ“’ Karina Halle - The Play
πŸ“’ Karina Halle - Winter Wishes
πŸ“’ Kayti McGee - UnderCovers
πŸ“’ Kellie Hailes - The Little Big Festival - eARC
πŸ“’ Kelly Oram - Cinder & Ella
πŸ“’ Kendall Ryan - Wednesday
πŸ“’ Kendall Ryan - When I Break
πŸ“’ Kim Harrison - Waylaid: A Hollows and Peri Reed novella
πŸ“’ Kirsty Dallas - Decker's Wood
πŸ“’ Krista Ritchie - Addicted to You
πŸ“’ Kristen Callihan - The Game Plan
πŸ“’ Kristen Callihan - The Hot Shot
πŸ“• Kristen Cashore - Fire
πŸ“• Kristen Cashore - Bitterblue
πŸ“• Kristen Hammel - The Art of French Kissing
πŸ“’ Kristen Hope Mazzola - Crashing Back Down
πŸ“’ Kristen Painter - The Vampire's Mail Order Bride (Nocturne Falls)
πŸ“— Kylie Scott - Chaser
πŸ“’ L.A. Casey - Dominic
πŸ“’ Lacy Yager - Rival
πŸ“— Larissa Ione - Chained By Night
πŸ“• Larissa Ione - Reaver
πŸ“• Larissa Ione - Sin Undone
πŸ“’ Lauren Blakely - Caught Up In Us
πŸ“’ Lauren Blakely - The Start of Us
πŸ“— Lauren Hawkeye - Kiss of The Irish
πŸ“’ Linda Kage - The Girl's Got Secrets
πŸ“• Lauren Kate - Fallen
πŸ“— Lauren Kate - Passion
πŸ“— Lauren Kate - Rapture
πŸ“• Laren Kate - Torment
πŸ“— Lauren Kate - Unforgiven
πŸ“’ Lisa Swallow - Summer Sky
πŸ“’ Leisa Rayven - Mister Romance
πŸ“’ Lexi Ryan - Here and Now: The Complete Series
πŸ“’ Lindsay Paige - Breakaway
πŸ“’ Lisa Burstein - Sneaking Candy
πŸ“’ Lisa Suzanne - Clickbait
πŸ“’ Lyla Payne - Broken At Love
πŸ“’ M. Mabie - Bait
πŸ“’ Madeline Sheehan - Unbreakable
πŸ“’ Magan Vernon - Edge of Glory
πŸ“• Maggie Anderson - Cents and Sensibility
πŸ“’ Mariana Zapata - Under Locke  (Read 8th June 2017)
πŸ“’ Mariana Zapata - Rhythm, Chord & Malykhin
πŸ“’ Mariana Zapata - Dear Aaron 
πŸ“• Marissa Mackle - The Mile High Guy
πŸ“• Margaret Dumas - The Balance Thing
πŸ“• Martha O Conner - The Bitch Goddesses Notebook
πŸ“’ Mary Elizabeth - Innocents
πŸ“• Matt Coyne - Dummy
πŸ“’ Meghan March - Beneath This Ink
πŸ“’ Melanie Harlow - Some Sort of Love
πŸ“’ Melanie Shawn - Someday Girl
πŸ“’ Melanie Shawn - Tempting Love
πŸ“• Melissa De La Cruz - Witches of East End
πŸ“’ Melissa Foster - Game of Love
πŸ“• Melissa Nathan - Persuading Annie
πŸ“• Michelle Moran - Cleopatra's Daughter
πŸ“’ Michelle A. Valentine - Rock the Heart
πŸ“• Miranda Dickenson - Fairytale of New York
πŸ“• Mhairi McFarlane - Here's Looking At You
πŸ“’ Mhairi McFarlane - You Had Me At Hello
πŸ“’ Monica Murphy - Fair Game
πŸ“’ Monica Murphy - More Than Friends
πŸ“’ Nashoda Rose - Random Acts of Trust
πŸ“’ Nashoda Rose - Torn from You
πŸ“’ Nashoda Rose - With You
πŸ“’ Natasha Preston - Broken Silence
πŸ“’ Natasha Preston - Silence
πŸ“• Nikki Gemmell - The Bride Stripped Bare
πŸ“’ Nora Crystal - Rock Bottom  (Read June 3rd 2017)
πŸ“’ Olivia Chase - SMITH (The Beckett Boys)
πŸ“’ Olivia Hawthorne - Bookish
πŸ“’ Ophelia London - Someday Maybe
πŸ“’ Penelope Ward - Sins of Sevin
πŸ“’ Penny Reid - Neanderthal Seeks
πŸ“• Phillipa Ashley - Just Say Yes
πŸ“’ Priya Ardis - My Merlin Series (the Complete Trilogy)
πŸ“’ R.L. Mathewson - Playing For Keeps
πŸ“’ R.L. Mathewson - Tall, Dark & Heartless
πŸ“’ Rachel Griffiths - Summer at The Cosy Cottage Cafe
πŸ“’ Rachel Schurig - Ransom
πŸ“’ Rachel Van Dyken - Elude
πŸ“’ Rebecca Berto - Entwine
πŸ“’ Rebecca Yarros - Eyes Turned Skyward
πŸ“’ Rhonda Helms - All I Ever Wanted
πŸ“’ River Savage - Incandescent
πŸ“’ Rob Temple - Very British Problems: Making Life Awkward for Ourselves, One Rainy Day at a Time
πŸ“’ Robin D. Owens - Heart Fire
πŸ“— Robin D. Owens - Heart Legacy 
πŸ“’ Rose Pressey - Forever Charmed
πŸ“’ Sage L. Morgan - First Time Rider
πŸ“• Sarah J. Maas - A Court of Thorns and Roses
πŸ“• Sarah J. Maas - A Court of Mist and Fury
πŸ“• Sarah J. Maas - A Court of Wings and Ruin
πŸ“• Sarah J. Maas - Queen of Shadows
πŸ“• Sarah J. Maas - Empire of Storms
πŸ“• Sarah J. Maas - Tower of Dawn 
πŸ“’ Sarah Morgan - Sleigh Bells in the Snow
πŸ“• Sarah Turner - The Unmumsy Mum
πŸ“’ Sarina Bowen - The Year We Fell Down
πŸ“’ Samantha Tonge - Breakfast Under a Cornish Sun
πŸ“’ Samantha Tonge - Mistletoe Mansion
πŸ“’ Samantha Towle - When I was Yours
πŸ“’ Sarah Tork - Always Wanted
πŸ“’ SD Hendrickson - Waiting for Wyatt
πŸ“• Shannon Hale - Midnight in Austinland
πŸ“— Sherrilyn Kenyon - Deadmen Walking
πŸ“• Sherrilyn Kenyon - Infinity
πŸ“’ Sierra Simone - Priest
πŸ“— Sophie Kinsella - My Not So Perfect Life
πŸ“’ Stacey Lewis - Save Me From Myself
πŸ“• Stephanie Mayor - The Host
πŸ“’ Sue Watson - Ella's Ice Cream Summer
πŸ“• Sylvia Day - Captivated by You
πŸ“’ T. Torrest - Remember When
πŸ“’ T.K. Leigh - A Beautiful Mess
πŸ“’ Tabatha Vargo - Get Rocked
πŸ“’ Tarah Scott - Claimed
πŸ“’ Tess Oliver - Hard Edge
πŸ“’ Tess Oliver - My Bachelor
πŸ“’ Tiffany King - The Write Stuff
πŸ“’ Tijan - Fallen Crest High
πŸ“’ Tillie Cole - A Veil of Vines
πŸ“’Tracie Delaney - Winning Ace
πŸ“’ Tracey Garvis Graves - White Hot Hack
πŸ“’ Vi Keeland - Beat
πŸ“— Vi Keeland - Egomaniac 
πŸ“’ Victoria Connelly - Molly's Millions
πŸ“’ Willow Summers - Yes, Please
πŸ“’ Winter Renshaw - Cold Hearted
πŸ“’ Winter Renshaw - Filthy

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